Surprisingly Tessy called me the next morning as i was having breakfast. I answered her call with expectation.

“how was your night?” she asked calmly,

“cool” i answered, hiding my feelings.

“It gives me no joy that we are after each other’s throat, but you are to be blamed for everything happening between us. Last night I was unable to sleep because i couldn’t get my mind off you. But don’t blame me for my actions. I have every right to do whatever it takes to safeguard my dignity. You killed and betrayed the love, respect and trust i had for you with your obnoxious atitude. Now what i have left is serious hate. It’s so strong that i can do anything to you without any atom of compassion. The love i had for you have been replaced by hate and disgust. But i still have the mind to be reasonable, unlike you”She poured out solemnly, getting me more confused and anxious.

“it’s a pity things ended this way between us. But please let’s leave everything till New year. I can’t afford travelling to Abuja this December, please” i passionately begged.

“you need more time, in order to wrap up the plans you have for me abi?” she asked after few seconds of silence.

“no, not at all. Seriously i only took your pictures in order to threaten and stop you from pestering my life and that of my girl. I never planned damaging your reputation with the pictures” i confessed, my heart furiously pounding.

“i don’t believe you. Anyway i will give you the time you asked for. January it is. Remember nobody plays with me” she said slowly and hung up, relieving my tension with her last statement.
I had till January to figure out a way, which could be, laying down arms and surrendering to her. I was tired of fighting. I equally was no match to her.

However, by 4:45pm that same evening, i got another unusual call from Adaora.

“they are here again oo. The SSS guys are right here and i just don’t know what to tell them anymore, since you refused revealing anything to me” she cried,

“just give one of them the phone, please dearest” i pleaded, unable to believe my ears, because Tessy already had promised to let me be till January, which left me to wonder whom the sss guys were working for.

“are they working for tessy or for Elinor”, i wondered,
“or is Tessy yet to inform them of our agreement?” I reasoned as Adaora handed over her phone to one of them.

To be continued.

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