Very early the next morning, i headed back to Enugu.
My thoughts kept me company as i tried hard to figure out a good explanation to give Adaora. Telling her the whole truth would have been more preferable, but i had no courage for it.

I knew i messed up in a whole lot of ways, but fixing my relationship was my top priority, instead of blaming myself over past mistakes. Deep down i feared my relationship with Adaora had finally come to an end.

“Sometimes a well wrapped lie is hundred times better than a painful truth”. Telling her the whole truth really will be like trying to quench petrol fire with a bucket of water.
“Telling her the truth only will add more flame into the fire in her heart”. I reasoned unhappily.

Mum was so surprised to see me at home so early in the morning, because I arrived at exactly 7:50am.
She couldn’t keep herself from asking if all was alright, while i managed to wrap my tension with a smile, equally asking of Adaora the same time.

“she’s at her house” mum answered with a question-like look, forcing me to look away without any explanation. I knew she had lots of questions in her mind, but i was glad she didn’t ask any, giving me the opportunity to calm down and head out in search of my love.

Getting to Adaora’s house, i anxiously waited for her in the sitting room for almost an hour, but she refused to show up, leaving me with no choice than to force my way into her room.
She was lying lazily on her bed when i walked in, but immediately she saw me, she sprang up and charged at me.

“get out” she screamed, slapping me hard on the right cheek which left me very stunned.
“get out” she screamed again, pushing me back roughly while tears fell freely from her eyes.

“it’s over between us, i will be coming to your house this evening to tell mummy all i just discovered. You are a beast” she cried, hitting my chest as if it was a band. I couldn’t find my voice, i was totally disorganised.

“what did she discover, what did they do to her, what did they tell her?” i wondered helplessly.

I couldn’t imagine what she was planning to tell my dear mother, and i felt Whatever it was, It definetly was going to be deadly. I knew my poor mum won’t be able to bear it, leaving me with no choice than to find a way to calm down my frightened girl and get her to talk, even though i knew it was almost an impossible task judging by her behaviour.

To be continued

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