I knelt, i cried, i pleaded desperately for her to calm down. Bringing down my pride to the lowest and placing it at her feet.

But it never moved her, instead she trampled upon all i laid at her feet, the way i have been trampling on her feelings.

“you are despicable, you are a liar, i can’t listen to you anymore. I can’t listen to your lies anymore. You don’t love me, no you don’t” she weeped seriously, smashing my heart with the torrent of words she poured on me.

Oh i was desperate, i was extremely lost, i was going slowly insane with her outburst. My heart kept pumping loudly, while i shook nervously.

“ADAORA” i whispered her name pleadingly as if was saying the Lord’s prayer.
“hear me out, i beg of you” i begged with desperation, but it only earned me a super kick at the ribs, which sent me back on my feet immediately.

“I should have listened to my head and not my heart. You are way too immature for me”. She cried, sending me into another panic attack with her hurtful words.
“please just leave me in peace, your presence is simply hurting me more. We will talk at your house. Go now” she seriously commanded, while i backed away pleading with my eyes.

I left her house without achieving anything, i feared more terrible drama was lying in wait for me. I couldn’t imagine how the day would end, what Adaora was planning and the outcome of everything. I simply was hopeless and lost.

As an after-thought, i called Frank and opened up my heart to him. Carefully hiding some terrible facts as i narrated my story.

“i can’t believe all these happened to you. Mehn you are living a very eventful life” he joked when i finished. Annoying me with his comment.

“guy please i’m short of time. I called because i know you are the devil’s brother please be serious” i begged with a humourous tone.

“yes my boy you are right. But you made some mistakes, anyway here is my advice” he said lightly, clearing his throat for the words ahead, while i eagerly listened.

“in terribly situations, you sometimes do nothing and wait for things to settle down. I advice you to sit down, wait and do nothing. What happened, has happened, you can only change direction when the tide is over, else you sink” he advised, leaving me utterly stunned.

“what you mean i should do nothing?, she’s coming to the house to talk with my mum” i screamed when i found my voice.

“yes simply do nothing, or do you plan killing her?” he asked, while i kept quiet.

“do nothing my guy, Adaora isn’t stupid to wreck your mother’s heart, dosen’t she know her health status?. My friend Learn to control situations and don’t give situations the chance to control you” he concluded and hung up, while I deeply thought over his words which really made small sense.
Having no other plan in mind, i carried out Frank’s advice and waited nervously.

Unfortunately Adaora kept her promise and showed up with her mum hours later. I was extremely overwhelmed seeing them and I couldn’t imagine what was to come next.

I needed no asking if i looked okay that fateful moment.

To be continued.

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