“you have lots of time to think about it. I’m not in a hurry to have your answer” she said quietly, after noticing how difficult her proposal was to me. I breathed deeply and stood up, totally shaken. My face deeply coloured.

“alright it’s fine by me, i guess i have to go home and think over it” i murmured painfully.

“think well dear” she said with a soft smile, while i took my leave without another word.

I thought about her proposal all night, but was unable to come up with anything. I couldn’t afford losing her, i equally couldn’t afford giving her the opportunity to spoil my name before my mother. Deep down, i desperately wanted to know all she learnt when being held captive some days back.
Because of my problems with Adaora, i forgot and kept my problems with Tessy aside, not minding that days were slowly speeding by. January was just but few weeks away. I failed to notice that time wasn’t on my side. I failed to realise the dangers up ahead were greater than the ones present.

Adaora soon moved in to live with us as Christmas drew close. On 23rd december 2012, we all travelled to my hometown to celebrate the yuletide.
Nobody really noticed the cold way Adaora treated me. Even when we spent some unavoidable moments together, we only exchanged nothing but few words. She never reminded me of the proposal and i never gave her any answer. We simply behaved politely to each other, even though it pained me alot, finding myself in such condition.

Frank came home from Okitipupa town {his PPA} on 24th December, rushing Immediately to my family house as soon as he got home. I was totally happy to see him, and we wasted no time in discussing our problems. I however was the first to pour out my heart and fears. After listening, he shook his head and shrugged.
“Let her be my friend. If Adaora is destined for you, then you have nothing to worry about because something will definetly bring you guys together, but if it dosen’t happen then know she was never destined for you” he advised, while i swallowed hard. Yes i believed in destiny, i believed that God alone writes our destiny, but due to my current situation, i reasoned differently. I felt that somehow we do possess the ability to shape our destiny and push it to the desired direction.

A sharp cry from my phone as it rang, broke the silence surrounding Frank and I.
Glancing at the phone, i saw that it was Elinor calling.

“happy xmas Val, i will be in Owerri tomorrow morning. How do we see for the pictures??” She asked, rattling me with her impromptu question, while Frank and i exchanged glances. I couldn’t believe what i just heard.

To be continued.

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