“please brother, don’t give me that strange look. I’m sorry for not carrying you along with my plans” frank apologized when we were finally alone in his room. I breathed deeply, saying nothing. I knew he had more explanations to do, which i calmly waited for.

“you know how Joy and i started?” he asked seriously, while i nodded.
“the fights, the challenges and the problems i faced for her sake, not mentioning the sacrificies i made for her. You remember all, don’t you?” he asked. I nodded again, old memories flashing back in my head.

{For the sake of our new readers, let’s all flash back to how it all started between Joy and Frank}

Joy was a beautiful young teenager from a community very close to Frank’s Village. She truly was so lovely, and blessed with natural endowments {good hips, b-----s, statue, colour and teeth}, but unfortunately she lacked good family background and intelligence. Her parents were very poor and uncaring, yet expanding the family with more Children. Her mum’s adulterous character equally was questionable but unproved. Her dad’s behaviour very callous and unmanly. All they just wanted from Joy was to get married after her Waec exams or make money for the family by any means. Thus the hatred and disapproval of their daughter’s relationship with Frank, because they believed Frank was a nobody who simply stood in their daughter’s way, preventing her from carrying out her responsibilies. Frank had to do everything to free her even though he had no money.

Their love affair never really started on a smooth path or like a fairy tale. Frank being a player only lusted and wanted nothing but sex from the moment he started showing interest in the girl, but as time went by, after lots of challenges she became his most favourite girl. She automatically planted a rich seed in his heart, which grew into a great flower with romantic fragrance. Frank soon changed and became more romantic with her, to the extent that he went extra miles to accomodate her in his room for almost two years {university final year and spill over}, fighting and almost losing his life when her parents gave her out to a lady who almost succeeded in using her for prostitution {read season 2A}. However it never stopped him from cheating on her once in a while.

The story of Joy and Frank is quite an endless tale of passion.

To be continued.

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