I arrived at Adaora’s apartment quiet on time that fateful day. The sun was still up as i made my way into her sitting room.

Of course she was very pleased to see me, even though she never made it look obvious. We had a quiet but memorable evening, a super dinner at one of the best resturants in town, where we enjoyed each other’s company and discussed our future. It truly wasn’t easy persuading her to go out with me that fateful evening, but when she finally accepted, the cute smile she gave me was enough payment for all the troubles.
“you know by now we are naturally supposed to be preparing for the first stage of our life together or should i say marriage, but here we are struggling to be friends and scared of our lives” she said quietly to me as we enjoyed the rich meal. I blushed and looked away, feeling very bad.

Adaora always had enjoyed talking about our upcoming marriage even though i was yet to propose to her, but lately due to all my misdemeanors she kind of kept her feelings to herself, bravely bearing her sorrows all alone.

“so have you informed Tessy that you are in town, what did she say?” she curiously asked. I breathed deeply and picked my phone.

“no dear, let me call her right away” i replied, dialling Tessy’s phone number, while she kept quiet, her ears wide open.

“hullo Val” i soon heard Tessy greet as she answered my phone call. My heart pounded loud as i cleared my throat.

“i just came into town, i mean Abuja, how do we see?” i asked calmly,

“hmmmm, ok, alright, i will call you tomorrow” she replied like someone deeply surprised, ending the call after her statement and giving me no chance to say anything else.

“what did she say?” Adaora curiously asked, i shrugged and told her all Tessy said to me.

However we got a very big shock the next day when Elinor showed up {at Adaora’s house} without notifying any of us, leaving us very confused. The timing of her visit equally was so early, barely a minute past seven in the morning. Yet she walked in as if all was fine, rendering no apology for the disturbance.

“please can you fetch me a glass of water” she smiled to Adaora as she lowered herself on a sofa, while i nervously composed myself.
I was a bit scared, but i showed it not.

To be continued.

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