“so can i see the pictures?” Elinor suddenly asked, dropping the glass cup Adaora served her water with. I shifted uncomfortably, breathing heavily.

“how did you get to know that i’m in town?” i heard myself ask. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, while Adaora came forward and sat beside me.

“news travel fast in this city, moreover i have my ways” she replied with a smile,
“so can i now see the pictures?” she anxiously asked again. I gave Adaora a quick look, shrugged and brought out my phone, quietly opening the picture gallery.

“here they are” i murmured as i sat up and approached Elinor, who quickly stood up with glittering eyes as i showed her the pictures one after the other. I couldn’t help but notice how tensed up she was, breathing heavily like someone planning a difficult hit job.

“how do i get them, name your price please, d--n” she instantly begged after seeing the last picture. I shook my head and drew back.

“i showed you the pictures because i felt like. They are not for sale” i replied seriously. She held her head, drew back and bit her lips.

“one million” she screamed out,
“i’m offering a million naira” she seriously announced, making me draw back with suspicion.

“really!” i exclaimed, wondering what she planned doing with the pictures that made her offer me so much. It’s true that she once offered me something for the pictures, but as of then she was yet to see all the pictures. Luckily Adaora’s sharp gaze brought me under control.

“give me two days to think about your offer” i murmured, while she shrugged.

“alright no problem, but remember to stay low and keep away from my friend Tessy. She has an army waiting for you. Don’t dare try anything with her” she advised, smiled at Adaora and left without another word.

“you are not thinking of selling the pictures to her?” Adaora immediately asked, making me shrug nervously. My phone rang instantly, silencing us. It was Tessy calling.

“hi Val, you can meet me at my house, 6pm. Your safety is guaranteed. Don’t come late please” she said and hung up, giving me no chance to say anything. Adaora who overheard everything{the phone was on speak out} nodded.

“of course you also need an Army to go there and i will help” she suddenly offered.
“you remember Maryam? My muslem friend that got married sometime ago?” she asked. I nodded as i faintly remembered her.

“her uncle is a colonel serving in a military base here in Abuja. He’s a nice man, i can ask him to send me ten soldiers, with them we can go to Tessy’s house, you can equally call Obinna to come with his car, which will make us thirteen” she calmly poured out with a smile. I couldn’t say anything, i was very surprised and happy. It was as if God knew my plight and finally had pity on me.

It’s showtime.

To be continued.

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