I travelled to Enugu very early on saturday to see my family and spend some days with them. Tessy really wanted me to come visiting again but i didn’t accept her invitation nor listen to her pleas.

My mum and sisters were overjoyed when they saw me drive into our compound. I equally smiled happily as i hugged them and breathed the joy of a happy home.

After breakfast, mum briefed me on some family issues mostly about late Dad’s business before listening to some of my stories. We really spent a long time discussing like mother and son.

“Chief Peter told me you are yet to visit him again why?” mum chipped in when we were about rounding up our discussion. I instantly nodded as i remembered dad’s friend, the old politician {with hidden motive} who helped us over a land issue. I really had forgotten all about him, but i cleverly concealed it from her.

“you know i have been very busy since the last time i saw him, i really havn’t gotten a day of rest till today mum” i replied quietly,

“it’s okay endeavor to bring out time next week and visit him, you know we are very much indepted to him and we do need someone like him to be on our side” she said with a smile, stood up, tapped my left shoulder and left the dinning room.

I had a wonderful day of rest at home, it was very memorable and eventful. I enjoyed every moment i spent with mum and my little sisters. Sunday evening i headed back to Imo state with a heavy heart.


I unlocked my door, entered my room and laid on my bed unhappily. I cursed vividly as a mosquito welcomed me by singing on my ear. I slapped myself hard, checked my right palm, saw no dead mosquito on it and cursed again. Just that moment, my phone beeped as a text message appeared on it.

I quickly opened it and scoffed as my eyes fell on a well constructed love text sent by an unknown girl{number} confessing how much she loves me and how she couldn’t close her eyes without my image appearing in HD. At first i simply scanned the text over and over paying no serious attention on it. But after a while i began searching my mind for her identity.

“who could have sent it?” i wondered thoughtful, because I knew for a fact that it wasn’t from Adaora. She never sent text messages without ending it with the ‘love name’ we used for each other nor used an unknown phone number to send me such texts.

“Could it be Tessy?” I queried myself, but Tessy really wasn’t the type who would spend her time typing such lovely words when she could easily call and say them without hiding anything.

“what of Olivia could she be the one?” i wondered deeply, but no she really was too full of herself to send such without calling to demand something in return.

“Elinor???, hmmm impossible” i murmured,

So who then sent it??

To be continued.

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