“please you guys should wait for us here {in the car}” Adaora addressed the two soldiers who nodded without any protest.

“but why?” i heard myself ask as we walked into Tessy’s sitting room with Obinna.

“it’s wise they remain there, moreover i don’t want them to learn the whole truth which may happen if they should enter the house with us” she replied.

Tessy was extremely alarmed by the way i barged into her house with my entourage. She really was expecting only me, and so you can’t imagine the kind of shock on her face as we walked into her sitting room. Yes she was smiling nervously, but her tensed look and coloured face revealed her feelings to all who cared to notice.

“i beg of you Val, what’s with the crowd you came with. I was expecting only you” she asked as soon as we settled down, cleverly ignoring Adaora and Obinna.

“of course you weren’t expecting me to come alone after what happened the last time?” i scoffed,
“moreover you are equally not alone” i said as i stared at two strange ladies sitting beside her.
“knowing you fully well, i won’t be surprised if there are two to ten security operatives at your backyard” i added with a sense of humour.

“oh Val, quit insulting me. You talk too much, let’s get down to the main issue that brought you here” she said seriously. I shrugged, drew back and crossed my legs.

“alright let’s start” i said with a smile, but she quickly frowned, throwing quick glances at Adaora and Obinna.

“you don’t expect us to be talking about such an awful thing in the presence of…. I’m a respectable Lady for crying out loud. Let’s go to the second room” She said standing up, making me freeze with suspicion.

“i hope you arn’t trying to play tricks on me?. You won’t like it if you dare” i seriously said, tapping Adaora before standing up. She simply rolled her eyes and said nothing as she went towards the second room. I calmly followed her, my heart furiously beating.


“you know i don’t understand you Val?. You are such a young promising boy but you enjoy daring me” she said as soon as we got to the room.

“and that’s the main reason you tried countless times to kill me the previous year huh??” i asked,
“anyway i’m here to give you my word and assurance that nothing will happen to your pictures if you let me be. The ones in my phone will be deleted this moment for security reasons, but the ones in my mail will be left there as a leverage. You let me be and i let you enjoy your scandal free life. I’m a young guy and it will do me no good to expose your pictures and endanger my life” i proposed seriously. She breathed deeply and smiled.

“dear me, you talk nicely, but what about my five hundred thousand?” she asked lightly,

“i know nothing of the money you are asking. Seems like you are wearing a wire?” i asked suspiciously, regretting all i said without restriction.

“i think we have a deal. My pictures remains stashed away and i let you enjoy your life. Right?” she murmured as she offered me a handshake, avoiding my question. I shook hands with her even though deep down i was worried and suspicious {because of the way she easily accepted my offer}.

As we returned to the main sitting room, Adaora looked up at me with curiousity.

“it’s over” i said with a smile as we hugged. But deep inside me i felt all was not right.

To be continued.

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