“i can’t believe you were able to convince my dear friend Tessy to stand down. It’s quite impressionable things you do sometimes. I believe you gave her quite a scare with your entourage” Elinor said over the phone, while i scoffed, saying nothing.

She called few minutes after we returned from Tessy’s house. The timing of her call was near perfect, because i was in my room undressing when the call came through.

“i know in your mind, you think all is settled and over, but believe me, my dear friend is still closely watching you. I don’t know how but i know for sure she is. I’m still the only one that can protect you” she said softly. I laughed in disbelief.

“dear, i’m perfectly fine, please stop worrying about my safety” i said lightly,

“i guess you really don’t know how it feels knowing that a boy you once had an affair with, has many copies of your unclad pictures. Tessy might be smiling with you but i swear that it ain’t over yet””her career, reputation, dignity, business and integrity are all at stake my dear boy. Look very well before you leap” she seriously said, scaring me deeply with her words, which got me thinking over everything again and again.

As if Adaora knew what was going on in my mind. She asked me to sit on her bed when i showed up in her room to kiss her good-night.

“do you actually think it’s over?” she asked, searching my face. I swallowed hard, my heart furiously pounding hard.

“after all the threats and noise, i really was surprised that she agreed to your offer within five minutes. I’m still scared because the easiest way of doing away with your enemy is by reconciling publicly with him or her, thus making the person to lose guard before delivering the final blow” she said seriously. Exactly the same thing Elinor was trying to insinuate hours earlier. I forced out a smile, keeping my feelings to myself and carefully holding back from telling her about Elinor’s phone call.

“do you love me?” she suddenly asked with glittering eyes. It really wasn’t her first time of asking me such question, but somehow i felt uncomfortable.
“because if you do. All these wouldn’t have happened” she added with a whisper.

I swallowed hard miserably, i knew what was coming next which was nothing other than tears. I had to do everything to prevent her from crying again. But deep inside me, her question kept ringing in my head.

To be continued.

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