“I just feel like hitting and breaking your head, but i just can’t. I just can’t because i still feel a lot for you. No matter how much i try hating you i find my heart melting more and more. I don’t know, i don’t just know what is wrong with me” Adaora cried passionately.
I held her softly, murmuring quick prayers as i searched for the best words to console her.

“oh don’t touch me, let me be” she cried, struggling to free herself from my grip, but i held her strongly, burying my nose in her hair.

“please stop, stop dwelling in the past my dear” i begged,

“the past helps in shaping our future, you have to admit that you ain’t the right person for me. I’m just living in a big dream, no my dear i can’t keep dreaming, i can’t keep sleeping, i can’t continue living this way” she said amidst sobs. I couldn’t say anything else, the only way to stop her outburst was by having se.x with her since she was still very vunerable to me. But i knew it was just but a temporal remedy to her unhappiness, having se.x with me no longer means anything to her.

Grabbing her two bosoms, i squeezed them softly, drawing back to stare at her eyes, which quickly lit up, tears still falling heavily.
“my love you already know that i’m marrying no other person than you. You are my life, my wife, my future” i moaned, placing my lips on hers. We kissed for a while before she broke away from me.

“i know already that you have no choice than to marry me, your family is pushing you to me, isn’t it so??” she asked with deep passion.

“oh dear me of course not” i breathed,

“i don’t want to marry your corpse. I don’t want a husband who already has children scattered everywhere. I’m scared of my future with you” she continued, moaning as my lips landed on her left b---m.

I finally got her down, subjecting her to series of warm se.x. I gave it to her the way she wanted, slow and steady with romantic words and promises. I calmed her down with my calm touch and caresses making her release{c-m} with great abandon.

Minutes later, we held each other deeply exhausted. A tear dropped from her eyes landing on my nose. I breathed deeply, tears filling my eyes as i recalled all she went through for my sake, our begining, how she fought for me, how she stood by my side and how we ended up on her bed.
I had wronged her so terribly, i couldn’t imagine how i would feel if my sister should pass through half of what she went through for my sake. I couldn’t imagine her brothers reaction if they should learn of our story. I couldn’t imagine the kind of love she had for me which has made our relationship last for so long. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I have been a fool all these while, playing with my destiny for no just cause” i deeply reasoned.

“val you are crying, why are you crying??” i heard her ask, bringing me back from my thoughts. But before i could answer, my phone rang. Picking it up from the floor, i saw that it was no other person than the twin i asked out the previous year calling. It was as if the devil just prepared another trap for me so so soon.

To be continued.

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