Luckily it turned out to be a /flash/. My phone stopped ringing before i could answer it.

Two days later, i headed back to my PPA with a happy smile. However Inside the bus, i had enough time and space to think over my life and future once again. I felt my problems with Tessy were finally settled and over, leaving me with the huge task of completely winning back Adaora’s wounded heart.
“GOD help me” i prayed as i drifted into another dream.

Time wasn’t on my side, i equally wasn’t getting any younger, nor was i still a campus boy.

“In few months i will cease being a corper and Nigeria isn’t an easy country. Living a life of games and deciet won’t get me anywhere” i advised myself, breathing deeply as i counted the days left for me as a corper.
“D--n! Adaora, my sister and Frank will all be passing out in a couple of weeks, precisely before second week of february” i realised with shock.
“Time definetly waits for no one” i murmured, deeply thinking towards the career i would engage in after passing out.

My heart pounded fast as i reasoned towards that direction. I truly would have loved working in a federal institution, but the competition and unavailability of jobs was something that bothered me greatly.

“Well i guess i will have to manage Dad’s business until i get something much better” i said to myself, even though i knew we survived all through the years mostly with the money he made from politics. His business was just a mere front {used for* ****}. Thinking about politics i smiled. Apga, Apc, Pdp are all but the same, dam.n old men switching parties every now and then, making friends with all the party members and secretly meeting with each other under numerous guise while gullible youths fought for them in Villages.
‘Where are the politicians children? Of course they are busy dating each other’. I smiled, shaking my head.
“Come 2015 i will make my first appearance in politics” i concluded with a nod.
Getting to my PPA, I found out that three new corpers were posted to our school. Two females and a male. One of the female corpers already was occupying my position in the head teacher’s office{desk}

“Val we got someone to help you out since you hardly stay around. All you have to do now is simply to hang around as a helping teacher” the head teacher seriously said to me. I really didn’t know whether to be angry or not, because his words were like a polite insult.

However i had no reason to protest and on Friday, few days later, i returned to my apartment in town for the weekend. Surprisingly the twin called once again, this time it wasn’t a flash but a real phone call. Little did i know, that my life was about to head towards another dangerous path.


To be continued.

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