“you don forget me abi?, you no longer call. Happy new year” she greeted lively as soon as i answered her call.

“i was tired of your shakara nau” i laughed, wondering why she so suddenly sounded very loving and nice to me.
“wow sometimes it’s just so good to give naughty girls the break they deserve” i reasoned with a smile.

“you see, you don’t care a dime about me, because if you do, you wouldn’t have stopped checking up on me” she accused seriously. I scoffed, thinking hard.

“so where are you?” i asked just to change the topic of discussion,

“Owerri” she announced, getting more of my attention with her pronouncement.

“stop playing nau, be serious” i begged in disbelief,

“of course, i’m in Owerri. I came in four days ago. I’m staying with a friend who lives at works layout” she replied seriously. I rubbed my face with my right palm, breathing deeply.

“so would you like us to see each other?” i asked out of courtesy, because i knew she called for that reason. Of course i equally was eager to see her, but the feelings i had for her the previous year weren’t in me any longer, moreover i gave Adaora my word never to insult her image ever again by misbehaving.

“of course we can” she replied calmly,

“when and where?” i asked,

“oops so you are in town?” she murmured laughing,
“well let’s meet at a fastfood joint. The one after Imsu juction,. I really can’t remember the name but it’s the only condusive place i know for now” she added,

“alright, i will call you tomorrow” i said calmly,

“it’s cool, and another thing. I won’t be coming alone, my friend will be with me” she added.

“no probs” i murmured and ended the call while my conscience tried to reprimand me.
“it’s just a harmless date and nothing more” i assured myself, swallowing my saliva.


We had a long chat the next day at the restaurant, discussing various topics. Her friend equally was very beautiful, lively and social. We totally enjoyed the date.

“i really can’t believe it’s really you” i confessed while she simply blushed and rolled her eyes.

“so for how long will you stay in town before returning to your school?” i asked,

“i will be staying for quite a while before going back to my boring school. Owerri is very lively and wonderful” she laughed.

“i guess you will love to know where i reside?. It’s actually a stone throw away from here” i said smiling, she breathed deeply, throwing a glance at her friend who shrugged in approval.

Minutes later, i took them to my apartment before taking them home,
“i guess we will see tomorrow?” i asked as they alighted from my car.

“yea if you can come pick us” she replied sweetly.

But when the next afternoon approached, my conscience refused allowing me to call her. I began feeling guilty all of a sudden, until by 2:45pm when she called to know if i was coming.

Surprisingly she appeared alone when i finally went to pick her up. I was surprised and speechless.

“my friend isn’t available today. So it’s just me and you” she joked as she got into my car. The once cold and hard to get girl was now free with me as if we had known each other for years. I never for once reasoned that her sweetness was more than normal. I never knew i was bringing in a mole into my life.

The devil once again sent me another substitute, and i was way too gullible.
But did i betray Adaora once again?? Hmmmmm

To be continued.

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