“where do you think you are going?, please stop” i begged as i went after her. She stopped and faced me, her right hand on the door knob.

“why are you behaving like a child all of a sudden? We are having a matured conversation, aren’t we?” i asked as i dragged her back to her seat. She hesitated for a moment before obliging.

“i truly don’t know what led to the insultive words you used on me nor what led to the behaviour you just displayed. I have been nothing but cool with you, i have never made a wrong statement nor move towards you. Why then do you judge me with mere hearsay?” i asked calmly but seriously.

“mere hearsay do you say?, you say all these words because you weren’t there to see the misery in Tessy’s eyes, the agony in her soul and how terribly she suffered for your sake. She was so devastated that she almost neglected her children thanks to you and to think that i warned you earlier really is so annoying” She said bitterly. Hot powerful words they were, my soul burned as i heard them.

“you were in a relationship with another girl, yet you deemed it fit to carry on with her. You knew getting involved with an older lady was something you couldn’t do very well yet you went ahead and deceived her. All for what huh?, why shouldn’t i believe that you stole five hundred thousand Naira from her?” she continued seriously. I swallowed hard, my face colouring deeply as her words hit me one after the other like super blows.

“my God, she knows quite a lot” i murmured to myself, speechlessly staring at her.

“you now think you have settled with her. Tell me what sort of compensation is enough for a heart broken woman?. Don’t you know that when a woman loves, she loves with everything. Unfortunately my dear big sister{Tessy} stupidly fell in love with you. I still don’t get what made a big girl like her fall so cheaply” she continued, eyes dark and red, lips quivering, face coloured, she poured It all out as if she was Tessy or should i say her spokes-person.

“you think you are quiet, calculative and smart, you think you have settled everything with her, a woman you so much wronged, but that’s where you got it all wrong. My dear sis. never forgets and she’s always two steps ahead of you” she concluded, stood up and breathed deeply.
“you don’t know how long i have waited to pour out my mind to you” she added with a sad smile.

“so tell me, why are you here since you bear all these grudges towards me. To tell me all you just said huh?” i asked with disbelief. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“you will never get to know Val. Just know that i have served my purpose, i promised her that i will help bring you down and i have done the first part of my mission. Revenge is a calculated piece of action, it dosen’t necessarily need to be violent. Its effectiveness is what matters the most, think about it” she said, tears swelling her eyes once again. I stared at her, totally confused.

“She did nothing to me, i noticed no change within me, yet she claimed to my face that the first part of her mission has been completed, moreover what did she do, or could she do to me” i wondered hopelessly. All i could figure out was that she was yet to disclose her real mission. which i knew she never would no matter how daring she was.

‘Never have i encountered such trickery nor magic’.

To be continued.
May the souls of our fellow struggling Nigerians that died yesterday in the bomb blast, have eternal rest… AMEN

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