I drew close and hugged her, surprising her with my impromptu action.

“you are a very brave girl. Open, frank and honest. I so much love being with girls with such character. I know you will be surprised to hear this, but i’m so grateful for opening up to me. Thanks sweetie” i said sweetly, tuning her ego. She kept quiet saying nothing, breathing deeply as i hugged her softly.
I had great urge to do more than just pouring sweet words to her. I felt like romancing and caressing her. I felt like taming her to submission. I felt like making her reveal all she knew with my touch. But i just couldn’t.

“one more thing sweetie” i whispered into her ear,

“what again?” she murmured restlessly.

“i need your help” i begged with a soft whisper, brushing my lips on her ear. She shivered and tried to pull away from me but i held her strongly but passionately.

“what help can i actually render?. I have done more than enough by running my mouth. Do you know what could happen to me if she learns of it?” she asked regretably. I broke away from her and looked into her eyes, holding her shoulders with a soft caress.

“i know, but it’s our secret. She never will know about this. Just help by advising me. What do you think i should do?. I mean concerning Tessy?” i asked seriously. She swallowed and looked away.

“i don’t just know because everything is too complicated. I’m not sis. Tessy you know?” she breathed, while i bit my lips,

“do you know what she’s planning for me? Please tell me, i beg of you” i pleaded, hugging her one more time.

“i know there is something else you are not telling me. Yes i admit i made mistakes, but everything changed from the moment you talked some sense into me in front of her shop. Do you remember?” i lied fluently. She broke away from me and stared at me with disbelief.

“what do you mean?” she asked searchingly,

“everything changed because for the first time, i saw something i havn’t seen in other women in you. I instantly longed for you, but was confused because of my girlfriend and Tessy. I had to end everything with Tessy because i believed in you. As for my girlfriend i’m still with her because i just can’t hurt her. She’s also a wonderful person” i poured out like an honest person. She drew back with confusion, not knowing what to believe.

“you can’t believe what having you here is doing to me. You can’t imagine what having you as a friend is to me. You know i unsuccessfully tried getting close to you the previous year?” i continued, slowly penetrating her mind like a virus.

“tell me, will you let your friend drown?” i asked, drawing close to her again.

“enough please, enough” she cried, blocking her ears with her palms.

“sis. Tessy already knows this place because i told her. She also has your mum’s phone numbers because i sent them to her when you thought i was transferring files to my phone as you were busy eating the plantain i fried. She has the numbers you saved with mum1 and mum2” she opened up, shocking me with the revelation.

“but you should be more concerned about your girlfriend. I think she’s going to make her cheat on you, if she hasn’t done that already. Not only that, i know for sure that she has bigger plans for her” she concluded slowly.

To be continued.

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