“jeez” i exclaimed with deep shock. I couldn’t believe my ears. Things were deeper than i expected.

“i have to start going” she said calmly, fetching a make up kit from her hand-bag.

“but what do you i advice i do?” i asked desperately,

“i already told you i don’t know” she replied as she beautified herself. I thought deeply, scratching my head.
“what could Tessy possibly need mum’s phone numbers for?” i wondered deeply.

“seriously i’m set to go” she [the twin] announced, breaking me away from my thoughts. I hugged her softly.

“i owe you alot for this. Thanks again for telling me the truth” i said sweetly.

“i will help by sticking out my ears for you. Once i learn of any new plan from sis. Tessy, i’ll notify you. I promise” she said softly. I heaved a sigh of relief, before breaking away from her.

“thanks dear” i murmured, revealing the sweetest smile ever, which i gave out to her with all my heart.

“but how could she possibly make my girl cheat on me. Adaora is no fool, and she knows your Tessy very well” i asked my pretty friend as i drove her back to her apartment.

“that’s where you got it all wrong. Do you actually believe she’s going to reveal herself to your girl??. All she’s going to do is just to give some of her wolf-like bachelor and married friends your girls contact, then sit and watch her plans grow” she said intelligently, shocking me with her words.

“hmmm and i think you should act fast, because it’s quite tempting when two to three rich handsome guys are going after a girl at the same time. I don’t know how much you trust your girl, but i think checking up on her won’t do any bad. And i mean physical check up, you can’t just call her up on phone and ask if she’s cheating” she added with slight humour. I quickly concealed my fears with laughter.

“the more you speak, the more i get entrapped in your beauty and wisdom”I said sweetly. She rolled her eyes and looked the other way.

“you are also a sweet and wonderful guy. You know, getting close to a person makes you see all the hidden qualities. How i just wish you are single” she joked seriously.

“i will be returning to my school in a couple of days, but i guess we will see before then” she added before alighting.

As i drove back to my apartment, i thought over all she revealed to me. I was in serious danger without realising it.

“I just can’t believe Tessy fooled me once again, making me believe that our quarrels were settled” d--n” i cursed as i thought of Adaora. I had no choice than to rush over to the capital city at the earliest possible moment and check up on her. Just like the twin said, i couldn’t just call my lovely girl on phone and ask her if she is cheating on me. I reasoned deeply.

“but what if all the twin told me were all but lies. How am i sure it isn’t one of Tessy’s strategies to break me. Can you vouch for the girl?” another part of me asked, leaving me utterly confused.

To be continued.

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