“hey Tessy how you dey?” i greeted when i called her.

“i’m very fine dear” she answered with a surprised tone. It really was my first time of calling her since we last saw each other earlier in July, and even though she tried very much in maintaining the good relationship between us, i never for once called her on phone even to say thank you for the regular recharge pins she sent, however it was mostly due to the fact that she called very often and on, thereby giving me no chance to return the favour. But on this particular saturday, i just felt like surprising her with a friendly visit.

She never knew i was in Abuja because i lied to her that i travelled back to owerri from keffi when she enquired about my whereabouts the previous day.

“are you at home?” i asked,

“yep and bored” she replied,

“how about your kids?” i enquired,

“my cousin took them out” she murmured,

“hmmm why didn’t you go to work today kwanu” i asked jokingly,

“abeg leave me jor, make i rest, i have competent workers” she replied,

“so if an angel should ask you to make one request what will you ask for?” i smiled and asked,

“what more can i ask for other than for you to be here with me” she replied instantly,

“and what if it is granted?” i murmured,

“stop pulling my legs jor” she shouted jokingly. I laughed and shrugged with a shoulder.

“dress up and prepare, your wish may be granted” i shouted back and hung up. I smiled to myself, dressed up and went to Adaora’s room.

“baby i’m going to see a friend, i will be back before your return from the salon” i kissed her and explained.

“are you sure about that? Because each time you go out to see a friend, you end up staying out the whole day” she replied and handed me the spare keys,

“please just make your hair very beautiful for me” i kissed her hair, took the keys and left.


I rang her door bell and waited nervously for the door to be opened. I really was extremely excited without knowing the reason. With a big, well designed overly expensive flower in my left hand i waited patiently.

She opened her door two minutes later, and gasped in shock when her eyes fell on me,

“i can’t believe this, i thought you were just playing around” she exclaimed and threw herself on me like a teenager. Tears of joy quickly formed in her eyes. I carried her up like a baby, abandoning the flower i bought on the floor without knowing when i did it…

I realised that moment, that the feelings i had for her was greater than i ever imagined.

To be continued…

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