Out of deep curiousity i dialled the ‘unknown number’ in order to ascertain who sent the text message, but an unfamiliar female voice quickly answered as soon as my call connected.

“good evening corper, did you get my text?” she greeted and asked with a soft young voice.

“yea please who am i speaking with?” i asked carefully,

“hmmm i can’t tell you right now, but just know i’m someone not too close nor too far away from you” she replied, confusing me more. I instantly became very suspicious, fearing a friend was purposely pulling my leg or testing me.

“i guess i will have to end this phone call good night” i threatened coldly,

“no no wait, don’t you want to find out who i’m?” she asked,

“offcourse i do, so please stop the silly game and reveal your identity” i answered.

“alrighttttt okayyyy, i will visit you tomorrow, will you be free in the morning?” she asked, while i scratched my head thoughtfully,

“who could she be? Is she serious or still pulling my legs?” i wondered,

“do you know where i live?” i asked, expertly avoiding her question,

“i know much more than that, ar.n’t you staying in a green house?” she asked and laughed. I breathed deeply and cursed.

“dam.n she’s someone close, but can Jenny be behind this?” i asked myself doubtfully.

“please you are wasting your airtime, i will visit you before 4pm tomorrow, goodnight” she announced and hung up, while i speechlessly shrugged, dropped my phone, switched on my generator and soon slept off after a quick supper.
I went to Owerri the next morning to pay my late dad’s friend{chief Peter} a visit, without bothering to book an appointment, because i was unable to reach him through his cell phone {which wasn’t connecting}.

He wasn’t in his office when i got there. So i had to wait after learning from his assistant that he went for a meeting at the other end of the town. I waited for almost two hours before unhappily leaving. I really wasn’t happy spending one thousand five hundred naira in such a futile journey.

It was precisely 1:30PM, just few minutes after i returned to my lodge. I heard gentle knocks on my door.
I quietly got up from my bed, opened my door and gasped as my eyes fell on a female SS2 student smiling nervously at me.

I quickly glanced at my watch in surprise and panic, wondering what she was doing at my door when she was supposed to be in school {partaking in holiday extra mural lessons organised by the school P.T.A}. I was terribly scared a villager might see her and conclude something nasty. I detest village gossips with passion.

“Could she be the girl behind yesterday’s love text??” i asked myself.

I was very much at lost on what to do as i wondered whether it was safe allowing her into my room or much better leaving her outside in full view of everyone. She really was way too young to be left alone in a room with me considering the evil world we live in. But the young girl wasn’t scared at all as she smiled at me like a model.

To be continued.

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