I travelled to Abuja three days later to check on Adaora who was extremely surprised to see me.

To set her mind at rest i had to tell her everything the twin told me about Tessy, which was a grave mistake. Even though i cleverly hid some details from her, especially on the extent i went to get the information.
But she wasn’t pleased with me. She felt i came over because i believed she could cheat on me.

“and you simply rushed over because you believed all she told you. You believed i could cheat on you, the way you have been doing to me” she said angrily.
“you know what?, if i set my mind on something i always do it. If i feel like cheating on you, your presence won’t change a thing because i’ll do it to your face and there is nothing you will do” she shouted before leaving for her room, instantly putting me in a defensive position. I regretted telling her anything and I had to follow her to the room in order to apologize, but she refused listening to me.

“it pains me a great deal that you don’t trust me. I have seen and been with different types of guys. The rich, the bad, the ugly and so on. There is nothing i havn’t seen nor heard. I never cheated as a student, how then do you believe that i can cheat as an adult huh?” she angrily asked.

“i only came to warn you of Tessy’s plans, i never accused you of cheating my dear” i tried to defend myself.

“enough please, i’m no fool. You should have called if that was the case. Here are my phones, check them for anything” she continued angrily, tossing her phones at me. I was speechless and uncomfortable.
However I finally calmed her down after much pleading, spent two days with her before heading back to my PPA with a relaxed mind.

But i was soon to forget all about my fears because Chinwe surprised me with a visit a day later.
I was very glad to see her. It really has been a while we last saw each other and she still was as beautiful as ever, her smiles charming and captivating.

“i’m now preparing for my Nysc. I’m done with my clearance, i just can’t wait for March to arrive” she announced happily as she settled down on my bed. I was so much filled with Joy and happiness.

“you see, you are now a big girl. God knows how to chase away flies for a tailess cow” i joked. She laughed and rolled her eyes.

“yes hardship is a good teacher. It opens our eyes to the realities on ground. It makes us wise and calculative” she said, looking into my eyes.

“I missed you” i confessed softly, remembering our past,

“me too” she blushed and breathed deeply, her jaw slightly drawn as if she just remembered something hurtful.

“Can our love ever die?” i asked myself as i stared at her beautiful face.

I quickly remembered Adaora and looked away.

To be continued.

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