“I will be leaving tomorrow” she calmly said to me later in the day. I tried to look into her eyes but she looked away, avoiding my gaze.

“why tomorrow?, you can stay till the weekend, i’m not pursuing you or am i?” i asked politely. She shrugged and said nothing.

I knew she wanted to spend some days with me but was uncomfortable due to her feelings. I equally felt the same way, but couldn’t help but be nice and accomodative, moreover she was someone very close to my heart.

However nothing happened between us on the first night, she only narrated all that was troubling her to me. Family issues, financial problems, her fears and so on. I listened attentively. The poor girl really had alot bugging her mind.

“seriously i wish i have the power to kill my uncles, all of them would have been dead by now. They are so heartless and obnoxious” she ended up crying, while i hugged her with deep emotions.

The next day, i took her to the school i was serving before taking her round the village. We had a wonderful time laughing and gisting. Some of the things we did together as students years ago equally were not left out as she kept bringing up some of the funny ones.

“so how about Adaora?” she asked as we were having dinner later in the evening,

“she’s fine, she will be rounding up her Nysc by february” i announced with a smile.

“good for her” she smiled, while i cleverly changed the topic,

“so till now you are yet to find the perfect guy?” i asked smiling. She breathed deeply and shook her head,

“yea, now i know why some beautiful girls end up not marrying. It’s not as if they don’t meet guys or something” she murmured sadly. I swallowed hard and said nothing.

“it’s been long i last felt what Love is all about” she concluded.

10:05pm{my room}

“why are you not sleeping?” i asked, coming a little close to her{ on the bed},

“nothing” she replied softly,

“what do you feel for me?” i heard myself ask.

“i don’t know, but i still feel betrayed. Please let’s not go there, at least you still help me financially” she murmured with a sad tone as if she meant to mock me with her words. I instantly felt uncomfortable, scratched my head and backed her.

“i’m sorry, i never meant to hurt you with my words” she quickly apologized, touching my back,

“you shouldn’t mind some things we girls say. I wasn’t being serious” she explained, softly pinching me.

I quickly turned, stared into her eyes and drew forward. Our lips quickly glued together in a hot romantic kiss.

“are you trying to take advantage of me once again?” she suddenly asked as she broke away from me, searching my face with her not too innocent eyes. I was shocked.

To be continued.
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