“i’m very sorry, i just got carried away” i quickly apologized. A bit ashamed of myself.

“i’m sorry also” she breathed deeply, placing her right palm on my chin,

“i still love you” she suddenly confessed, staring into my eyes. I was totally lost on what to say.
“yes i still do love you believe me. It’s hard for me to speak out my mind, but i guess you already know. It hasn’t been easy for me since we broke up. I hope i’m not being too plain?” she murmured, dropping her eyes. My heart kept pounding very fast. I just was extremely lost, confused and sorry for her.

Yea i equally still felt something for her, only the memory of what we shared in the past was enough to lit us on fire. I so much craved for her body, i badly wanted to taste her succulent bosoms. I so much wanted to kiss, caress and have her. My passion and desire were so strong and aflame. Oh and my hormones were like a time bomb waiting to explode.

“i guess i have dismayed you with my behaviour?” she suddenly asked. I bit my lips, struggling very hard to say something.
“let’s do it” she added softly, giving me an unresistable inviting look. I swallowed hard with disbelief, my joystick quickly rising in acceptance.

“no no my dear. Love making should only be for couples in love and sincere with each other. I haven’t been honest with you and i hate taking advantage of anyone most especially you. I’m sorry” i quickly apologized, breathing fast.

“i’m serious, let’s get down to it. You need me, i need you. Nobody is taking advantage of anyone” she said with a tempting smile, pulling off her night wear. I closed my eyes unable to resist the urge, unable to reject her offer and unable to fathom what was actually going through her mind.

Bringing her head forward, she pulled me down,
“val don’t you want it anymore?” she asked, her eyes sparkling, her face colouring with deep passion.

I so badly wanted to rip her apart, but i just couldn’t tell if she was offering her body to me with good faith. I kept staring at her unable to decide, which really angered her.

“i see” she murmured, pulled away from me and sat up. I knelt by her side, trying to hold her. But she quickly pushed away my hand and backed me.

I stared at her unclad body. It was quite tempting and beautiful. My joystick equally was getting impatient and angry, threatening to rip out of my knicker.

“chinwe” i called quietly,

“chinwe please” i murmured, dragging her to my side. She didn’t resist, but faced me obediently, tears blinding her eyes. I just didn’t know what was wrong with her.

Slowly my left hand went for her bosoms, while she watched me silently. As i felt her bosoms, my hormones surged, my head exploded with passion, my knicker flung away.


Sliding down the length of my thighs, she took the smooth head of my erection into her mouth and moved her tongue languidly across its tip. I moaned deeply.

I really had forgotten how pleasurable Chinwe was.
It was now only but a matter of minutes……..

To be continued.

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