“I feel so guilty” Chinwe murmured as we cleaned up, sighing unhappily. I couldn’t say anything to her because i equally felt the same way.

“i don’t know what pushed me into doing this with you” she continued, while i stood up without uttering a word. I knew she expected me to say sweet words to her, make promises and all those post-sex romantic stuffs, but i just couldn’t. I really was in a more terrible condition than her.

We really had a very wonderful sex. The type i haven’t had for so long. It was hot, breathtaking and superb. Every second counted as i dug into her body, devouring every inch of it. Her moans and kisses brought out the best in me as it supplied the much needed passion and energy. It truly was worth the risk, but after the affair we were instantly filled with regret.

“is there a chance we will ever get back together?” she suddenly asked, surprising me with the question. Her eyes staring hopefully at me.

My guilt increased. I felt like lying but just couldn’t. Adaora’s image instantly appeared in my head, sickening me. I felt bitter and remorseful. I just didn’t know what to say to her. I instantly remembered my old {born again} girlfriend Agatha who once told me that premarital sex always comes with a price. You must pay for it one way or the other, even the ones that appear to be for free are not always without a price”

“what’s up with you?, you are yet to answer my question nor dress up” she suddenly asked, shaking away my thoughts. I smiled and squatted by her side.

“i just don’t know my dear. I can’t answer what i’m not sure of” i said calmly. Her eyes quickly dropped, she bit her lips and smiled coldly.

“it’s alright, i’ll be leaving tomorrow” she announced quietly. I was unable say anything to counter her decision. My conscience kept flogging me but i had no choice than to endure the pain.

Early the next morning, she packed her things and dressed up. I never uttered a word to stop her even though i felt she expected me to do so.
We never spoke on phone nor met for the rest of that month, which was really my fault because i failed to check up on her after she unceremoniously left.

However on the first week of february i sent money across to her, because i felt she needed it in preparation for her Nysc camping which was a month away.
My sister, Frank and Adaora equally passed out {ended their Nysc program} that same month, leaving me behind. I planned returning home to see my queen{Adaora} but another shocking development occured few days later delaying my plans.

Tessy surprised me with a phone call after weeks of silence.
“i’ll be coming over to Owerri on friday which is a day after tomorrow for a project. I hope you can pick me up at Imo Airport by 4pm?” she casually asked as if we were still lovers, striking me dumb with the unexpected question.

To be continued.

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