I was unable to honour the appointment we had with Tessy {that same evening} because i wasn’t feeling very fine. I equally wasn’t comfortable about it, but my Friend Frank was very eager to honour it.

“i hope there isn’t any problem if i go alone?” he asked, after trying his best to persuade me to go with him.

“no, not at all. But remember all the advice you have offered me concerning that woman. Don’t let yourself fall into the same pit i fell and please don’t reveal any thing concerning me to her” i pleaded. He laughed, tapped my shoulder and stood up.

“i’m not a kid bro. You can trust me on that. Moreover you know i’m doing this solely because i need her help. Who knows if God will help me through her” he explained innocently. I smiled and nodded. Yea he had a good reason for honouring the invitation, but i equally knew him very well. He was the friend who could sell me for pieces of silver.
I never really wanted him to visit Tessy all alone, but had to hide my feelings with a decieving smile.

“only if Tessy could focus on him and forget all about me” i prayed.

I was about dozing off when i heard my door bell ring. I lazily opened the door for Frank who smiled at me. His breath reeked of alcohol, a good sign that he was well entertained.

“mehn that Chick hot oooo. You know i thought she was alone, but when i got to her table i saw two other hot cuties” he laughed as he settled on the floor. I curiously listened, very eager to know what transpired between them.

“so you had no difficulty in locating her?” i asked calmly,

“i have been to All Seasons Hotel a hundred times over, so it wasn’t a big deal nau” he answered, pulling off his shirt.

“she wasn’t happy that you failed to come. According to her, ‘you are good at messing things up. She did many things for you, but you paid her back with evil” he said with a quiet smile.

“what else did she say about me?” i asked,

“nothing again, she just introduced me to her two friends even though we met one of them at the site earlier today. Before ordering drinks for me” he replied as he brought out some naira notes from his pocket, which he counted in my presence.

“you see? Nine thousand naira just like that. Chei!” he exclaimed.
“i never knew the money she gave me as i was leaving was up to this” he almost screamed out, while i scoffed.

“she’s returning to Abuja tomorrow. She promised getting in touch with me before wednesday, what do you think?” he suddenly asked.

“well i think she wants to switch over her feelings to you. It’s now your game bro.” i smiled, while he shrugged.

“i hope so, but i doubt. I know when a woman is interested in me, but what i saw this evening was something far from that. She likes me yes. Interested in me? No brother, absolutely no” he murmured.

“so what do you think since you are the expert?”I asked. He breathed deeply and shrugged,

“maybe she only wants to help or use me. I don’t just know, but i need money brother. I have a long way to go with life” he said seriously. His eyes red and strange.

To be continued.

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