Frank travelled home the next day, while i stayed behind in my apartment. I never bothered calling Tessy nor checked if she eventually left town or not.

However, very early on Tuesday morning. She surprised me with a phone call.
“you are really cold hearted you know. Why are you trying to avoid me?, when you know deep down that i have come to stay in your life. I’m going nowhere do you hear” she said quietly, shocking me with her words.

I really didn’t know how to react or what to feel that moment, after being addressed by her in such manner. I equally couldn’t understand what she saw in me, that made her put so much interest. It isn’t as if i was overly attractive, heavily built nor very wealthy. I really couldn’t figure out a whole lot of things. Sometimes i equally found it hard to believe that i wasn’t dreaming, because it all looked like one giant dream or should i say LIE.


“you never cared calling or something. Nawa for you” she continued like a teenage girl.

“i guess i will have to add more conditions like calling and texting me into our deal” she added provocatively.

“i’m sorry, you know the way things are between us. I just can’t do alot of things for our own good which you know” i apologized,

“i don’t know a thing” she hastily replied,
“anyway that’s not really the reason i called” she said and kept quiet, drawing out my curiousity.

“i think i have something good for your friend. Something he can be managing until he gets a better job” she informed me. I breathed deeply, a deep smile appeared on my face.

“but you will have to come over with him, and the reason is because i don’t know nor trust him. You are the person i know, and you are going to stand in for him. So it’s all in your hands, i’ll help you inform him” she said calmly, leaving me speechless as my smile quickly died away.

“please what sort of Job is it?, and why are you making such demands out of me?” i managed to ask, my heart furiously pounding.

“i’m making no demands my dear. I’m just trying to help your friend through you. As for the job description, don’t bother about it until you guys show up” she replied carefully, leaving me stunned and confused.

“hey my children are here, would you like to speak with them? They are missing you ooo” she suddenly asked, while i laughed nervously.

“there’s no need speaking with them. i’ll be coming over before friday. I have to go, my mum is calling on my second line” i lied and hung up. Breathing deeply as i grabbed my pillow.

Exactly five minutes later, Frank called me.
“guy what’s up?, when are we going to Abuja? I can’t believe God answered my prayers so quickly” he said excitedly. My heart instantly froze.

I really didn’t know what to tell him because my dear friend was really too blind and happy to see my dilemna.

To be continued.

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