“so guy when are we really going?” he asked again. His voice filled with excitement and hope.

“i don’t know brother, i don’t know if i can be able to take you to her” i answered quietly, as if i was very scared to speak out. Breathing fast and nervously as i waited for him to say something, but he kept quiet for some seconds as if he was suddenly struck dumb.

“what do you mean?, i don’t understand” he asked with a raised tone.

“you know my position with that lady, you also know my relationship and future is at risk. Just understand” i pleaded weakly.

“i can’t understand a thing. What do you want me to understand huh?, you are saying that you can’t help me get this job?, after all we have been through together. C’mon be a man. What has your relationship got to do with you helping me out this once?” You know i didn’t save much during my Nysc. Nawa for you ooo” he ranted. Each word he said was muttered with anger, shock and disappointment. I felt bad, i just couldn’t do that to him. He was my friend and friends watch each others back.

“you must take me to her ooo. I will carry you on my head if need be” he concluded sharply.

“alright by sunday, i’ll get back to you” i promised reluctantly,

“no sir, by sunday we will be resting at her house” he concluded for me and hung up. I breathed deeply, extremely confused.

Tessy had managed to put me in a tight corner once again. I knew deep down that i would end up taking Frank to her, something i tried not to imagine. On thursday afternoon, Frank’s mother called to know if it was actually true that her son got a job offer through me. She ended up thanking and praying for me, while i recieved her blessings with mixed feelings.

Finally, on saturday morning, Frank showed up at my apartment with a small travelling bag.
“i hope you are set and ready because i’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer” he nervously asked with a smile.

By 9am the next day, we were already at Onitsha en route to Abuja.

To be continued.

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