By 4:38pm we were in a taxi, heading towards Obinna’s apartment. We could have headed straight to Tessy’s house just like Frank wanted, but i advised him against it as i brought up the idea of first settling at Obinna’s apartment, even though i never told Obinna prior to that moment that i was coming nor coming with a friend. And so i had to quickly make up a lie which i told him over the phone.

Luckily he bought my lie, and asked us to come over, which really was a big relief to me because i couldn’t imagine the scandal if we were to spend the night in Tessy’s house.

“Have you considered where you are going to live and how you are going to manage when you get the Job?” i asked Frank as we headed to Obinna’s house. He smiled, looked out of the car window{taxi} for a while before facing me.

“are you trying to scare me or what?” he asked searchingly. I laughed, shrugged and shook my head.

“of course not brother, we are already in Abuja aren’t we?. It just that the question crossed my mind when the bus stopped at the station” i lied carefully. He shook his head and said nothing.

Instead of calling me, Tessy called Frank later in the evening, asking of our whereabout. I had to take the phone from him and tell her that we will be coming over to her office the next day. She wasn’t pleased about it, and displayed her anger by rudely hanging up.

“i hope your actions aren’t going to cost me this job?” you know i need it for many things. One it can provide me with the experience and opportunity i need to search for a federal job” Frank cried anxiously, while i smiled and calmed him down.

Obinna as usual was a wonderful friend and host. He took us out for a little sight seeing, and spoiled us with drinks. He equally sampled three sweet damsels for us at the joint, but i wasn’t interested, due to my new found principles and problems bugging my mind.

We returned to the apartment very late in the evening with only one of the girls who had a wonderful time with Frank, but Obinna really surprised me by leaving the third girl Meant for him behind. Seriously Abuja is an enjoyable paradise if you are with money. The girls, clubs, cars, city, everything there is just superb and available for a fee.

As Frank went in to wrap up the show with his girl {at the second room}, Obinna and i settled down for a brief conversation in his sitting room.

“I can’t believe you and that lady is still in speaking terms. Don’t let her drag you to a court wedding one of these days, that’s the reigning thing in town. She’s very manipulative and i bet she’s heading towards that direction” he advised after listening to my story. I laughed heartily even though his words cut a hole in my heart.

By 10am the next day, Frank and i were seated at Tessy’s office, but surprisingly she wasn’t too happy to see us.

To be continued.

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