“what are you doing here ain’t you supposed to be in school?” i asked the young girl seriously,

“but corper didn’t i promise to visit you today when we spoke on phone yesterday” she replied with a smile. I bit my lips and scoffed.

“so you are the girl behind yesterday’s text message, how did you get my phone number?” i asked searchingly. She rolled her eyes and smiled sweetly.

“allow me into your room first nau, do you want to keep me outside?” she asked respectfully. I scratched my head, allowed her in and quietly scanned the environment before closing my door.

“hmmm you have a lovely t.v, would you like me to help you with anything” she asked as she sat on a small plastic chair,

“anything like what?” i asked quietly,

“sweeping, washing or cooking for you, just name it” she offered. I sat on my bed and stared at her intently.

“why did you send me such text yesterday?” i asked seriously. She quickly blushed and looked away, while i nervously waited for her to say something,

“you know i can report you for such action, now speak up, who gave you my phone number?” i threatened. She fidgeted and bit her fingers.

“i didn’t mean any harm, i’m sorry” she murmured and stood up. I quickly grabbed her left hand and prevented her from leaving, but just that moment, someone knocked on my door.

My heart skipped as i contemplated whether to answer my door or not. After some seconds, i unlocked my door, opened it and saw Jenny standing outside, carrying a hot plate of indomie.

“abeg comot for road don’t you see i’m carrying something, shift before this Nepa people takes light abeg, i want to finish that film i was watching before you travelled” she said playfully, while i hesitantly made way for her.

She walked into my room and froze with shock when she saw the young girl standing inside. She instantly gave me a searching look before bending down to drop the plate she was carrying. But before she could do that and get up to her feet the young girl fled surprising us immensely.

Jenny scoffed and instantly looked at me suspiciously, like a mother who caught her child stealing from her purse.

“why did she walk away? Hope you ain’t harrassing her, moreover what’s she doing here with you when her mates are having mathematics lesson in school?” she asked with shock, disbelief and suspicion.

I was speechless, shaken and flabbergasted as i stared back at her. I knew it would be hard convincing or proving my innocence to her.

I swallowed hard, breathed deeply, fetched my phone, opened my inbox and showed her the love text the young girl sent me the previous evening.

“she sent me this text yesterday, so i invited her to verify who really was behind the text” i explained while her face coloured immensely.

I swiftly nodded to buttress my explanation as i stared hopefully at her, without even knowing the reason i was explaining myself in such manner to her.

To be continued Shortly.

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