“so you won’t give my friend the job, if i fail to define our relationship?” i asked curiously,

“of course i’ll offer him the job” she replied with a smile, surprising me with the answer.

“what?” i murmured,

“oh yes, I will give him the job. Contrary to what you may think about me, i’m not heartless nor a kind of person who asks of something in return for a favour. Your friend needs the job, it shows in his eyes and i won’t be the person to kill his dream” she said with a calm smile, while i studied her suspiciously.

Tessy really was a very smart lady. She had a way of getting around me, and no matter how hard i tried to read her, i always ended up with more questions in my head.

“so can you now define our relationship to me?” she asked again, her eyes all over me,

“we are friends without benefit” i answered quietly. She shook her head and shrugged,

“okay if you say so” she breathed, her eyes darkening a little.

“I know it’s all because of your Ada girl” she eyed me,
“but don’t put too much hope in her. I know you will soon come running back to me” she added with a serious smile as if she saw my future. Her comment somehow terrified me, but i hid my feelings, even though i quickly remembered all the twin{Tessy’s godmother’s daughter} told me weeks ago.

“i’m not feeling too fine. It has been ages i last had sex” she suddenly announced, expertly taking my mind off the previous comment with her new statement. But i still said nothing, which i knew surprised her, even though she never showed it.

“i’m inviting you to come see my kids this evening. I told them you were coming yesterday but you disappointed us. Don’t say no unless you want me to get angry” she swiftly said with a serious look.

“alright no problem” i accepted. She smiled and sent for Frank who soon joined us.

“you see i’m a very respectable lady and a difficult Boss. I will demand alot from you and take much of your time. I demand seriousness, dedication and uprightness from all my employees. I hate thieves and i hate anyone trying to steal from me. Be good to me and i will be good to you. Try and quickly arrange for an accomodation if you haven’t gotten any. You are now employed. Report back to me whenever you are ready to start. You are the new supervisor of this shop and you know what it means. A good start in a city of opportunities” she gently said to Frank whose eyes instantly lit up with happiness.

“thanks alot madam, i won’t disappoint you” he thanked her politely, while i smiled over his changed tone. But unknown to my friend, i helped him because i was compelled to do so. Deep down, i wasn’t comfortable with him getting close to Tessy since she wasn’t attracted to him and as i smiled, i equally was planning on making him drop or lose the Job.

To be continued..
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