I left Frank at Obinna’s apartment and went over to Tessy’s home to honour her invitation. My conscience wasn’t pleased with my decision but i shut my heart.

By 6:45pm, i was calmly seated in her sitting room while her Children played and jumped on my body. They really were very pleased to see me and jumped about as if i was their long lost uncle or should i say father. I had no choice than to act along with them.

“you see my children are very fond of you. I don’t know the reason you keep running away from us” Tessy joked as she watched her Children play. The smile on her face revealed how happy and satisfied she was over my presence in her house.

“you know we never really discussed the salary, you will be paying my friend. The excitement and tension made me forget all about it” i muttered curiously as we were having a quiet dinner minutes later. She dropped her fork, stared at me for a while, cleaned her mouth with a table cloth before smiling at me.

“do you think i will cheat on your friend, or take advantage of him?” she asked. I shrugged in defence.

“of course not. I’m only curious to know the amount you plan paying him” i answered quietly,

“I will discuss it with him, not you. So have you decided on what to do with your life after Nysc?” she cleverly asked, changing the topic.

“i will marry Adaora, and together we will live forever after” i answered smiling. She simply rolled her eyes and laughed.

“oh please, in your dream. Anyway best of luck” she said with laughter, while i instantly kept a straight face, saying nothing. It really was the second time she was making a jest of my relationship with Adaora just within hours. Something that got me worried, even though i hid my feelings.

“you know that i’m helping your friend because of you?” she suddenly asked, expecting me to say something but i didn’t.

“you can still count on me for anything. No strings attached. Let’s forget things of the past and leave them where they belong” she said like an angel while i nodded like a lizard.
As she dropped me at Obinna’s house, by 9:35pm, she brought out an envelope which she tried to give me.
“since you guys are returning to Imo state tomorrow. I feel obliged to pay for the transport fare, after all you guys came on my request. It’s just fifteen thousand” She said with a smile, which truly was quite tempting. But my dealings with her taught me quite alot. I learnt from her that no money freely given, were actually given for free.

“oh don’t bother. We have enough money with us” i smiled,

“so you are rejecting my gift?” she said with a drawn face,
“fine give it to your friend” she quickly added, putting me in a difficult position.

“i’ll call and tell him about the money tomorrow. Your friend needs it and he won’t forgive you if you reject it” she said, dropping it on my laps. I breathed deeply, took the money and left her car.

The next day, Frank and I headed back to Imo state. My dear friend was more than happy and satisfied with our journey, plus the fifteen thousand Naira i brought for him. But unknown to him, i was very determined to stop him from taking the job, which made me offer to go with him to the village when we got to Owerri as a friendly gesture.

Little did he know that i was about serving him with the medicine he was fond of serving me during our university days. I was about doing to him something which he was so good at.
Something which i really wasn’t proud of, but had to do in order to safeguard my interest.

To be continued.

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