We finally got to Frank’s family house by 7:35pm. I was nervous as i alighted from my car. I had a big plan i was scared to carry out.

Just as i expected, his mother rushed out from the house to welcome us. She really was surprised to see me, showing her happiness by the way she hugged us.

“my mind is now at rest” she said happily. I nodded and smiled, while Frank shook hands with me before walking into his room.

“i have to start going, good night ma” i murmured polietly, turning to leave,

“what! Don’t tell me you are driving back to Owerri by this hour?” she asked with concern, stopping me with her words. My heart pounded furiously, as i rehearsed my plan one more time.

“can’t you spend the night here with us? Must you rush back to Owerri this evening?” she asked curiously.

“no i’m not returning to Owerri, but heading to my village” i answered politely. She shrugged and breathed deeply.

“did my son get the job?, what sort of job is it?” she asked curiously, drawing close with all her attention. I smiled to myself, things really were working as i expected. I had studied my friend’s mother so much to know that she was the curious type. I knew she would like to hear my opinion just like most mothers, which really prompted me to offer taking Frank home.

I cleverly looked around for any sign of Frank. He was no where near, just like i prayed. All stage was then set for me to do wonders with my tongue.

“yea he got the job, but unfortunately. It isn’t the type of job i expected. He got the job of a salesman” i answered, stopping to watch her reaction.

“salesman?, in a company?” she asked hopefully,

“no in a big shop. You know supermarket?, boutique? Something like that” i explained, while she drew back with astonishment. Just like every mother, she was expecting a respectable white collar job for her graduate son and not the work of a shop boy. A very painful thing.

“The owner of the shop is a very young woman. A divorcee with kids, and i have a feeling Frank will be moving into her house until he gets his own apartment. She’s a very nice woman and likes your son. So i don’t think there will be any problem, moreover he likes the job” i explained with an innocent smile, while she drew back with mixed feelings.

“mbanu {no} It can’t happen. Shop boy?, my graduate son selling shoes and biscuits!, for what nah?, how much will he be paid?, he can’t just travel all the way to Abuja for that sort of Job. God gave me money to send him to the university. God will still give me the money to feed him, until he gets a better work. What if he goes to live with that woman and she ends up influencing and marrying him. I have heard stories. He isn’t going anywhere. My only son, mbanu” she poured out seriously.

“i don’t think Frank feels the same way you do. It’s better you talk with him” i suggested, smiled and left the furious woman. I had no doubt she would complete my plans for me, but i was a bit scared of the outcome..

All that was then left, was for me to sit and wait.

To be continued.

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