Very early the next day, Frank called me on phone. I smiled nervously as i picked up my phone, I knew what was coming next. The early morning phone call didn’t come as a surprise, Infact i was expecting it.

“nawa for you!, what did you tell my mother?, what did you do to me?, why must you tell her about the shop” he barked, clearly displaying his anger without thinking. His voice was very loud and strong.

“why did you tell my mother all the nasty things you told her? Must you tell her everything?. Must you talk about Tessy’s marital status? You have ruined my first job offer and i’m far from being pleased with you. I knew all along that you never really wanted to help me. What did i do to warrant it?” he poured out unhappily. The tone he used on me was that of anger, bitterness, frustration and disappointment. I felt bad, but there wasn’t any need for me crying over split milk, moreover i did what i felt was good for my future. He wasn’t the type of friend i could trust with a seasoned manipulative lady like Tessy.

“i really don’t understand you bro?, i don’t get you? what did i do huh?. You know the kind of woman your mother is, Don’t you?. She asked me lots of questions and i answered them innocently, why now are you laying blame on me for answering her?. You never asked me to lie to her, did you?. Why now are you bringing up unwarranted accusations against a friend who did nothing but help you get a job. I don’t like your atitude Frank, seriously i don’t” i fired back with an angry voice, which really worked great magic on him because he instantly brought down his tone.

“i’m sorry, i guess you are right” he murmured, stopping to breathe while i smiled to myself.
“My mum is against me taking the job. I have tried convincing her but she isn’t buying my reasons” he announced.

“JEEZ!” I exclaimed,
“why?, what’s wrong with the job?, what matters is the salary, moreover it’s better than staying idle. Why is she kicking against it?” i asked with an innocent tone.

“i don’t know oooo. She dosen’t want me to work in a shop. She promised to open a shop for me in the village, if i try arguing with her over the matter again” he poured out. I felt like laughing, but controlled myself.

“don’t worry brother, i will come over and try my best to convince her this weekend” I promised. But i never kept my word because i rushed home two days later after getting a distress call from my mother.

“i don’t know dear, but i think we are on the verge of losing Adaora. If she really means anything to you and to our family, you have to come back home as fast as you can” she {had} begged, sending great fear into my heart with her words. My thoughts ran wild as i thought of many things. It really was the first time she was sounding so anxious over Adaora’s position in a long while.

“is Tessy on it again” i wondered as i nervously drove home.

To be continued.

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