On getting home, it turned out that Adaora was still indecisive over the state of our relationship and she was on the verge of leaving the country to join her family abroad without telling me nor revealing her full plans to my worried mother who was left with no choice than to send for me.

Luckily, she was in our house when i arrived home, which kind of calmed my mind a bit. After having a long talk with mum later in the evening, i quickly swung into action, begining proceedings to know her plans and perhaps win her back with the little time available.

However it was far from being easy for me. Adaora wasn’t considerate as she used to be, it equally wasn’t easy getting her to talk to me and when she did open her mouth, the words that came out were horrible and painful, but i never lost hope because i still saw love in her words and action.

It took me a long week to convince her of my love, after much begging and love making. I made lots of promises i never knew i could make. One of them was promising to take her on a vacation after my nysc, precisely by June ending. I equally planned proposing to her during the vacation with the intention of fixing and planing our wedding there and then. I felt it was the only way to set things right and forever live together with her ever after. I had great plans with the best intentions even though my heart was far from being pure.

In the end, she believed in me once again, believed in my promises and looked forward to the vacation with her noble heart, thus cancelling her trip {abroad} for my humble sake. Mum was pleased with me. My sisters were happy. I was satisfied, but deep down i was scared. I feared something bad would happen and spoil my plans.
My love for Adaora was huge so was my fears. I however knew that i was to be blamed in everything happening to our relationship, because the devil wouldn’t have entered if i never gave it the chance.

“i have accepted you fully back. Yes i know that i’m stupid for doing it, but it’s all because i’m stupidly in love with you. Please don’t make me regret my decision” she begged when i was ready to leave.

“bros, i don’t trust you but please don’t hurt Adaora. You know what’s she’s sacrificing by deciding to stay?” my immediate younger sister pleaded.

“you know Adaora has always been my favourite. Don’t deny me the pleasure of having her as my daughter inlaw” mum asked of me.

I travelled back to Imo state with their words ringing in my head. I had a big task to fulfill, not only for myself but for my family.

“yes i will propose to her by June and we will get married in Decemeber” i calculated thoughtfully. But deep down, a part of me felt that rushing into marriage with Adaora wouldn’t solve my problems, but first fixing myself would.

“no matter what, I have to keep my plans from Frank and Tessy” i concluded. Frank wasn’t my enemy but somehow i felt he was. Yet upon all the precautions, how far did i go with my plans??

To be continued.

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