I spent two uneventful weeks at my PPA before returning to my apartment in Owerri town. So far things were going nicely as i hoped they would.

However Tessy called to know what was keeping Frank from coming to start work. According to her my friend has refused answering her phone calls. It quickly dawned on me that perhaps Frank was too ashamed of telling her the truth, which was then left for me to do.

“seems like he isn’t comfortable with the job you offered. I don’t think he is taking it” i informed her calmly. She kept quiet for a while.

“very well then. Send my regards to him” she said and hung up, surprising me with the calm way she recieved the news. She displayed no anger nor any negative behaviour.

Frank showed up at my apartment three days later, looking unusually serious.
“you didn’t keep your promise. You promised to talk to my mother didn’t you?” he asked, forcing me to give some excuses but he really wasn’t listening.

“guy let’s forget about Tessy’s job offer. I really don’t think i would have coped working with her. Now that i have lost the job, i hope you will help me get another one” he asked seriously.

“of course bro, you can count on my help” i promised.

Through out the following week and the next, we spent our time moving from one ministry to another. One office to another, sharing CVs, bribing and begging for unavailable jobs. It really wasn’t easy, moving from one place to another, under heavy sun, high hopes and prayers. It equally wasn’t easy asking for job in offices where no vacancy notice was posted.
It slowly dawned on us that our dear country was nothing but a hell hole. Young adults without money nor powerful godfathers have little or no hopes of survival. It really is terrible spending four to six years in school only to be told after nysc to go learn a trade and generate income. Other countries gives statistics yearly/monthly on the number of jobs created for their citizens. But ours tells us to generate our own jobs. Seriously i see no need going to university anymore.
Yes I might be wrong, but i definetly think that if starting up a business is easy for graduates, there won’t be millions of unemployed graduates in the street. I really don’t think it’s laziness, or not being innovative that is hindering them. With the high level of literacy going on with the present generation, our government really need to come up with something better than the good old song they have been singing since 1999.
“guy i think i will move into music and try my luck in it. I also have an uncle in lagos who promised to send shoes and clothes i can be selling. I have no choice, i’m getting fed up” Frank poured out at the end of the second week of futile job hunting. I couldn’t say anything because my lips were tied.
The two weeks of job hunting taught me a bitter lesson. The real world is nothing compared to campus nor Nysc life.

The news of Adaora’s sickness flashed in days later, almost destroying me.
“We havn’t seen anything like it. It’s very serious my dear, i can’t believe you aren’t aware” mum announced with a quiet whisper. I couldn’t believe my ears.

To be continued.

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