I travelled home to meet my queen down with terrible fever. She looked horrible, so thin and helpless. I was totally stunned and speechless.

Adaora really wasn’t the sick type. In all the years i have known her, she hadly suffered any serious ailment, which really left me totally shocked because of the sudden nature of the fever and the rate it was eating her up.
She was admitted in a private hospital the same day i got home. The doctor assured us that she was going to get better, according to him it was simply typhoid fever which has eaten into her system, totally weakening her immune system. We were assured that she would get better in days.
I was forced to cancel every other engagements to be by her side. It was an opportunity to prove my dedication and love to her once again.

“i hope you aren’t risking a lot just to be with me?. My mother is around, so is your mother and sisters. You shouldn’t worry, i’m okay with them” she kept telling me.

“don’t worry my dear. Just get better for me” i always replied with a sweet smile.

However as days dragged by, the sickness dragged on. Some days she woke up a bit healthy and strong, the next day it goes back to square one, dashing our hopes. I prayed for her, so was every member of my family and hers. Yet her condition dragged on, forcing her to take series of expensive tests.

Finally after days of anxious waiting, her condition improved, her lively spirit, appetite and strength returned to an accepted level. We all breathed deeply and thanked God, but her mother wasn’t satisfied nor willing to take more risks.

“i’m taking her abroad for a more precise treatment. I’m still not satisfied with the improvement” she told us two days later, leaving me totally shocked even though the decision was a brilliant one.

I saw my plans and hopes dashing before my eyes.The way things were going we might end up not having the vacation. I might end up not proposing to her in June.

“GOD why why why?” i cried,

“mum told me about the plans she’s making. You know i can’t stop her. But do know that i will always be there with you in spirit, so don’t be dejected my love, i’m feeling it much more than you” Adaora assured me with tears in her eyes. I longed to travel with her. I wished to be by her side where ever she went. But what could i do.

She finally left the country with her mother on June 1st 2013. Such a painful parting it was, but it truly was for her own good and her life comes first above any other thing.
Her departure made me very miserable. I felt i had lost her. I felt i failed her.

I had no choice than to return to Imo state the next day in preparation of my Nysc passing out parade.

To be continued.
Franks diary continues at the end of this season {life as a corper}….

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