My passing out day finally approached. A day filled with bright sunshine and happiness. I wished Adaora was there to share my happiness.

The twin {Tessy’s godmother’s daughter} who once spied on me however surprised me with her presence. I really wasn’t expecting her to show up because i merely informed her of my Nysc passing ceremony days ago, just like i informed all my friends.

Her presence truly was unexpected but yes i welcomed her with happiness. We took pictures, had a nice time with friends before returning to my apartment later in the evening.

“how i wish i’m in your shoes” she hugged me happily when we were all alone in my apartment. I smiled and held her softly.

“yea life of hardship and stress begins” i murmured. She drew back her head and stared into my eyes.

“c’mon i know you have something already planned out. You are a big boy nah. Do big boys experience hardship in life?” she joked, winking at me. I couldn’t help but feel my temperature rise, slowly igniting an uncalled passion. I swallowed hard, my heart beat increasing. I tried to control myself, but my eyes fell on her slightly exposed chest which revealed a big part of her bosoms firmly squeezed inside a tight fitting bra and shirt.
I wasn’t at ease any longer. I tried to back away.

“c’mon give me a peck, you deserve it” she added, presenting her cheek in a very sweet and seductive posture. I smiled, brought down my lips and pecked her. I couldn’t help but percieve the sweet fragrance her hair emitted.

I slowly drew back and stared at her. She blushed, her colour instantly glowed as our eyes met. The passion, the urge, the desire in me aroused tremendously. I breathed quickly as i weighed my options. My body was willing and on fire but my spirit was indecisive and confused. The pretty girl before me stood without knowing what to do. Sure i was wasting time and i just couldn’t fathom what was going through in her mind.

She tried to back away by turning, but i quickly grabbed her waist while she let go of herself, falling on my couch and pulling me down with the pressure. I found myself on top of her, my right hand still on her waist. She cleverly turned, facing me with mouth wide open, eyes half closed in total submisson.

I was now on fire, my joystick on rage. I hesitated, weighing the risks, while her hands grabbed my head, pushing it down in between her exposed cleavage.

She was all mine, but is she worth the risk??

To be continued.

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