We soon began kissing intensely, our passion intense and enormous. Each passing moment increased the heat in us. I was finally set to penetrate her.

“easy please” she suddenly begged, tightly hugging me and calming the passion in us.

“let’s take it slowly, i’m about busting in excitement. You are so sweet” she whispered in my ear, expertly caressing my back in the process. I breathed deeply, my head was about to explode.

“let’s go to the bedroom sweetheart” i moaned, picking up myself and dragging her up with me. She offered no resistance, blushing as she meekly followed me to the bedroom where i expertly closed in on her once again, cupping her b-----s softly. She moaned, wriggling in excitement.

I ripped out my shirt, ripped out hers, breathing heavily as i explored her sweetly curved bosoms. My lips soon fell on her nip.ples, hungrily sucking on them like a hungry child.

“arhhh val, arhhh” she moaned in response, lifting up her chest for me. Slowly i went for her trouser, unbuttoning and pulling it down halfway. She was over excited, so was I.

“what are you waiting for? Be fast” she urged me seriously. I quickly reached for my wallet and searched for a condom, but unfortunately i found none. My jaw instantly fell. My joystick went limp.
I hissed in disappointment as i quickly remembered that i was yet to replenish my stock after making use of the last one at home weeks ago {the period i travelled to make up with Adaora before she fell sick}.

It never really came to my mind nor did i attach much importance into getting new packs of condom, since Adaora wasn’t available {and i wasn’t into my old life anymore}. Life really has a way of changing things.

The young girl before me, curiously stared at me with eyes filled with questions. I swallowed hard, my heart beat slowly decreasing.

“i have no condoms” i confessed with apology. She bit her lips and looked away in embarrassment, covering her face with her hands as she backed me.

To be continued.

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