“i’m so sorry dear. I really wasn’t prepared. Please do not resent me. Please” i begged without thinking straight.

The words that came out from my mouth that moment were far from wise. My actions and body language were that of a confused young man. My lips quivered while my heart sank. The young girl before me still hid her face with embarrassment, saying nothing and making no move. I was very tempted to proceed with the love making without any protection.

“you don’t love me Val” she suddenly murmured, shocking me. I stared at her with surprise, unable to figure out if her speech was a form of question or a simple sentence.

Slowly, she pulled up herself, facing me with eyes coloured with shame and perhaps regret.
“you don’t love me” she said again, looking me straight in the eyes.

I couldn’t understand the motive behind such words. She knew of Adaora, she equally was very much aware of my dealings with Tessy.
“what does she want?” i wondered as i stared at her with concern. Quietly i reached out and held her.

“you know i like you alot. I’m also very fond of you. But you know i’m not a good person. You know my story very well and i just can’t understand you at this stage” i said calmly. She brought down her face, saying nothing.

“it’s better we remain friends. I’m tired of hurting the people i love. I don’t want to hurt you dear, trust me i’m a bad guy and i’m really sorry for taking advantage of you” i apologized meekly.

“i’m well aware of the risks. I wouldn’t have been here if my mind wasn’t already made up. I know what i want. I like you as a person. I like everything about you and wouldn’t it be better we try things out?” she quickly suggested, shocking me once again with her words. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe it was all real. She really was very pretty, young, and {looks quite rich}. She never appeared to me like a girl who could come after a guy like me. I was stunned beyond imagination.

But what i failed to reason was if she truly was in love with me or just coming after me for something perhaps playing out a new role for Tessy. To be frank the thought never crossed my mind because her actions and body language were so real, moreover she already had gained my trust after revealing Tessy’s plans to me months ago.

“Is she for real??” i asked myself over and over.

To be continued.
Frank’s diary continues on Tuesday

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