The hotel staff really were of great help. They helped me carry her safely to my car, which truly wasn’t an easy job. I quickly settled them and furiously drove to Federal medical center owerri with a pounding heart. FMC. Owerri really was the only hospital i was a bit familiar with, so i had no second thoughts as i headed there. Luckily for us the emergency care unit was up and running, she was quickly attended to, after i was asked some searching questions.

I nervously waited outside while they worked on her. She just laid half conscious, oblivious of the happenings around her.

45 minutes later

“The sugar level in her system is very high. She’s definetly lucky to survive the attack, however what i really don’t understand is why a young diabetic patient like her will mess up her life in such manner. Her key organs are functioning weakly. I really do hope it wasn’t sucide she was trying to commit” a young doctor who attended to her, opened up to me..

“She will have to stay some days for close observation” he added, while i nodded quietly,

“perhaps she isn’t aware of her diabetic status” i heard myself defend,

“i don’t think so” he replied with a smile, shrugged and left.

A minute later, I walked into the ’emergency ward’ quietly sat beside Selena, and thanked God as i held her left hand. I equally stared at her with concern without knowing what to tell her.

“was she really trying to commit sucide?” i wondered as i recounted the number of drinks and cigarettes she smoked hours ago. She weakly opened her eyes that moment and gave me a faint smile,

“Val i’m very sorry for putting you through all this” she apologized remorsefully. I smiled reassuringly, caressing her fingers sweetly.

“don’t worry dear, i’m just glad you are alright, but i really have to call your family, who do i call?” i asked inquisitively.

The little brightness in her eyes instantly died, while a little frown appeared on her face. “hmmmmm” was the only sound she made before closing her eyes.

“what’s really going on with her?” i wondered thoughtfully, as i fetched her phone from my pocket, scrolled through her phone book and heaved a sigh of relief when i got to a phone number saved with the name ‘mum’

“time to unravel this mystery” i said to myself as i made the phone call.

To be continued.

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