I never believed those guys could lay their hands on me nor deal with me so savagely without pity. My clothes and car were in a mess, but thanks to the elders who rescued me on time, i escaped the onslaught without any serious injury.

I managed to get back to my room minutes later, pulled off my clothes and cursed unhappily. “why didn’t i turn around when i percieved danger” i wondered sadly.

The story however within minutes spread like wildfire in the whole community, becoming a trending village gossip, and a lesson to my fellow male corpers. The school principal surprisingly visited me an hour later, accompanied by some teachers.

But Instead of speaking against the boys he reprimanded me, “warning me to stay away from village politics and asking me to sit up with my job or he will be forced to report me”. It really took me quite an effort to hold myself from breaking his head. Instead of standing by my side, he choosed to sit on the fence, perhaps because the boys were his kinsmen. Nevertheless he permitted me to rest and resume work the following week, which i welcomed happily.

As for the boys they never regretted what they did to me, instead drank and celebrated it, as they spread many versions of the story. I soon became a village celebrity, my popularity rating rose rapidly

The only people who felt pity for me were the young girls, who sympatized and apologized on behalf of their rude brothers.

The young female student who earlier sent me a love text was the first to show up in my room, minutes after the school principal and his teachers left.
She spent some minutes with me, helping me wash my soiled clothes before leaving. Yea i wasn’t comfortable with her visit, but i very much appreciated her help. As a lazy guy, i hardly refuse helpful gestures from people.

5pm Thursday

Jenny and i sat on a small bench outside our lodge and faced the street eating groundnuts as she teased me over the events of the previous day. I laughed as i listened to her until my eyes fell on a dark damsel who was coming towards us. She really wasn’t overly attractive but had an inner beauty, which captured my soul. She looked like a she-wolf. I instantly felt strong hunger and desire as i stared at her..

Only if i knew the fate that awaited me, perhaps i wouldn’t have looked at her that very day.

Seriously my lustful behaviour was fast getting out of hand and extremely annoying. Even when i thought i had it under control. A very terrible gene i pray my children not to inherit.

I had Adaora, and equally Tessy, yet i was still having hopes for another girl.

Inside of allowing my life to go swifty, i was busy getting it entangled with more mysteries in the name of fun.

To be continued..

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