“why did you scream huh??” she asked with a dark smile,

“i really don’t know if you are serious or not, but no matter what, the amount you just mentioned is outrageously much” i said quietly. She simply shrugged and drove on silently.

“what if i decide to take the easy way out by reporting you to Tessy” i seriously murmured a minute later. She laughed and sighed,

“so what’s holding you eeh?” she asked,

“because i don’t want to be a snitch” i answered,

“you can do whatever you like, i’m not stopping you, but do know that i’m n’t new in this stuff and i equally have my reason of choosing you. So for all i care, be a man and call off my bluff” she threatened coldly..

“so what exactly will you do if i choose to call it off?” i asked inquisitively,

“only a fool will answer that question my dear” she replied and drove on, leaving me a bit scared and confused..

“After this weeekend i won’t be seeing Tessy anymore, you can choose another guy for her, i can’t be your pawn” i murmured nervously, while she instantly gave me a searching look before smiling evily.

“i see someone is scared huh” she teased,

“you can say whatever you like, but i have to do the right thing that will benefit me ‘madam know all’ I can’t toy with my life and future over nothing, i’m no hungry graduate” i poured out.

My last comment really kept her quiet for a while. She clearly noticed how serious i was.

“are you really serious?” she asked with a calm tone. But i just kept quiet and ignored her question.

“i think you are just being very childish or plain stupid. You want to throw away the beautiful relationship you are enjoying with Tessy over this little issue. Only if you know how much she’s willing to spend on you, or the plans she’s making in your name, you won’t be saying this nonsense. Don’t you know you stand the chance of running some, if not all of her investments when you are done with Nysc?? C’mon don’t be a fusspot and think ahead like a man” she murmured with a coloured face, while i smiled confidently.

“truly all the things you just mentioned are of no interest to me because i never planned for my relationship with her to head anywhere. I will never allow myself to get entangled so strongly with her, so it’s better you start looking for another guy because everything about your plan totally disgust me” i muttered coldly without sensoring my words.

She instantly stared at me angrily, the fire in her eyes very intense, but they suddenly died as fast as they appeared, because just that moment we arrived at our destination. She gently pulled up and killed the car engine. {in front of a boutique}.

“let’s go and see your woman” she murmured calmly. I breathed deeply, opened the car door and alighted. Together we walked into the big shop where Tessy was busy arranging some wares with her workers.

We gently walked up to her, while she smiled and happily hugged me,

“thanks alot Elinor you are a very wonderful friend, what will i do without your care” she said to her with a grateful smile..

To be continued.

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