Elinor left for her house moments later, while i helped Tessy and her staff sort, arrange and display her wares. It really was a herculean task which occupied us till 8pm. Tessy really was very impressed with me.

“you are such a nice guy” she murmured sweetly as we headed to her house minutes later.

Her children were already fast asleep when we got home by 9:15pm. She heaved a sigh of relief and winked at me,

“I guess it’s time to rest huh?” she smiled as she led me to the guest room.
“i’m so happy to have you here with me, hope you won’t be uncomfortably spending the night in my house” she asked sweetly with eyes beaming with joy. I smiled and held her hands.

“i’m very much okay dear, but i fear i have to break this news to you this moment”, “this weekend may be our last. I might not be able to visit you ever again” i said softly with a heavy heart while She stared at me totally astonished and surprised.

“what! why? c’mon tell me, did i do anything wrong? C’mon speak up, what exactly is happening? Please tell me you are joking” she pleaded. I swallowed hard and shrugged.

“you are a very nice lady, and i really do wish i met you earlier in life. But the truth is that i’m no longer comfortable with this affair, moreover someone close to you is highly responsible for my decision and it’s better i end things now before she ends it for us, moreover i’m not without a past” i poured out calmly. She simply stared silently at me with a heavily coloured face.

I really had to off-load the heavy load i was carrying immediately we got to her house, because i couldn’t afford bearing it much longer and like i told Elinor “I was no hungry graduate” moreover i knew not what she had against me nor was i willing to continue seeing my heart jump each time we met.

But staring at Tessy’s unhappy expression after i had poured out my feelings. I was touched, moved and very sorry.

“i don’t understand you at all. Why did you choose to spoil my day all of a sudden?”, “why do you like treating me like a leper?”, “why do you like spoiling my mood whenever i’m happy”, “is it a crime to love you, don’t worry thanks for everything, i also can’t continue trusting my heart with an insecured guy who likes watching me beg for love”, “you can leave tonight for all i care” she sobbed and made to leave, but i instantly grabbed her, drawing her back to face me.

“leave me jor, i can’t allow you to continue toying with my heart. I have the money and i can afford other guys” she boasted, while I smiled and kissed her strongly.

“yea you can afford a thousand guys but none will sincerely care for you, kiss you the way i do, nor tell you the truth without hiding some facts” i murmured calmly. She breathed deeply and stared into my eyes,

“is that why you so much enjoy scaring me? what do you mean by someone close to me is responsible for your decision??” she curiously inquired. I breathed deeply and held her strongly.

“you can ask Elinor” i murmured. Her facial expression instantly went cold.

“you mean Elinor?” she asked furiously.

To be continued.
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