“and what could possibly be her involvment in all these?” she asked anxiously.

“you are a very sweet lady my dear, and the last thing i’ll ever do is to let you suffer for my sake, please purge me from your heart. I don’t deserve you” i prayed. But she only stared at me with confusion, pain and surprise.

“Val what has come over you? Why do you speak in such manner, you are only getting me more confused, please go straight to the point” she begged.

“i’m being threatened, for no just cause, perhaps she knows very much about me, perhaps not, but i think it’s better i fill you in with my secrets before she helps me do it” i added calmly, while she nervously stared at me, expecting to hear the worst.

“i have a girlfriend and i’m very happy with her. I lied to you” i confessed fearfully. She instantly breathed deeply and looked down sorrowfully.

“val it really embarrasses me to say this, but i never for once believed that part of your lie, i knew such a fine male like you won’t be without a sharp girl breathing down his neck, but what i really don’t understand is why you suddenly decided to be very honest with me by this hour, are you planning to ruin my son’s birthday by spoiling my heart?” she asked with an unhappy tone. I remorsefully stared into her eyes.

“no Tess dear, like i earlier said, i wouldn’t want you to hear such news from another person, and i’m equally tired of lying to myself and decieving you” i explained. She breathed heavily, sat on the bed and covered her face with her palms.

“it would have been better if you kept the truth away from me, now i’m hurting very much” she murmured softly.

“but you know what? My love for you is still very strong, your confession dosen’t change anything, now tell me Elinor’s part in all these?” she asked inqusitively. I sat beside her and shook my head.

“i really don’t think it’s necessary for you to learn about it from me, you should ask her yourself and let me be” i replied solemnly, but she grabbed my knee tightly and stared at me murderously,

“finish what you started dear, i insist you tell me” she urged.

“i don’t think you will believe my word, but your friend really isn’t what she’s presenting herself to be. She’s a very ambitious lady, but i can’t say further because i don’t want to come between you two” i calmly replied,

“no Val on the contrary, you are doing me a great favour. Please speak up” she begged anxiously.

“alright the truth is that she wants me to cut a deal with her, follow up her plans and make a fortune out of you” i confessed quietly.

“Jesus” she gasped, “are you really sure about this?” she asked, making me scoff with a smile,

“you see why i was very unwilling to break the news to you. I knew you wouldn’t believe my word” i murmured, while she rubbed her face with both palms, breathed deeply and fell on me.

“no no no, this can’t be happening, please make love to me this instant, f.uck out my pains, i want to forget all these” she begged like a deranged woman. But i only just caressed her back for a while before standing up.

“no my darling all you need is a very hot shower. Just go to your room, shower, rest and think over all i told you. Please let’s not get silly tonight” i advised and dragged her up. She willingly obeyed and left for her room with unshed tears in her eyes, leaving me a bit touched but happy with myself. I was extremely relieved, because nothing gives greater joy than living without a secret.

But unfortunately, my heart jumped again the next morning, when i woke up to see a text from Elinor waiting in my phone.

“you just ruined your life, you can still tell your momma i said that” she typed.

To be continued.

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