I calmly walked into Tessy’s room, She was busy with her computer, but dutifully shut it down as soon as she noticed my presence.

“how was your night baby?” she asked with a smile. I quietly sat on her bed while she came forward and sat on my laps, staring at me with a provocative smile.

“i’m okay dear” i replied calmly.

“you still don’t look bright, what’s worrying you?” she inquisitively asked, holding up my face.

“just a bit scared” i replied nervously,

“over what?” she asked,

“over everything, i’m scared of losing my girlfriend, we really came along way and it hurts to cheat on her” i confessed. She kept quiet for a while, stared intensely at me before kissing me hotly.

“i really don’t know what to say because losing her will be an advantage to me, though your behaviour this weekend really is very frightening” she murmured with a calm smile. I breathed deeply and said nothing.

Surely it hurts very much to sit and watch your house burn, but it pains more to sit and watch someone pour fuel on it without doing anything to stop the person. I really was helpless and lost, I knew Elinor would strike any moment yet i was unable to do anything to prevent it from happening. What an irony.

Tessy never really understood my fears, and so cared less about it, without considering the possibility that i might get broken, lost and disheartened to continue with her if something bad should happen.

She was soon half unclad, exposing her matured boso.ms as she whispered sweet words to me, slowly arousing me.

“hope you do know today is a holy day?” i asked.

“yea sure” she laughed, kissed and pushed me down {on the bed} swiftly taking off my trouser and knicker. With swift eagerness she took my manhood into her mouth and s----d so hard as if she wanted to suck my life out of me.

“easy” i begged as i breathed with my mouth, while she expertly su.cked and played with my nipp.les. Before i knew what was happening, she climbed and lowered herself on me, taking in the full length of my joystick into her kitt.y. I was instantly overwhelmed with pleasure and desire.

She rode me without giving me time to use a condom, and so sweet it was, as she rode me like a wild animal. Perhaps that very moment would be our last…

I knew bad things dosen’t last, but i wasn’t yet prepared to pay for my sins.

To be continued shortly.

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