“so how is business going?” i asked, changing the topic,

“my dear it’s going very fine, i’m even about buying a piece of land in Dutse area in order to expand my business” she explained with a sweet smile,

“hmmm just be careful of those con people who claim to be dutse indigenes oo, i heard they do sell government land as their’s” i advised. She gave me a very long searching look before shrugging,

“don’t worry about that dear, i have strong links who are deeply into the business, by the way how come you know very much about something like that, i thought you ain’t familiar with Abuja?” she asked with a suspicious smile,

“i do read almost everything that comes my way” i murmured quietly.
“so dear how long are you staying before travelling?” she asked as she brought a bottle of wine for me moments later,

“i will be leaving very early tomorrow, you know i have to show up in Imo where i was redeployed for my nysc stuff nau” i explained. She bit her lips sadly and looked away,

“c’mon why the sad look?” i held her right shoulder and asked with care in my eyes,

“it’s nothing dear” she murmured,

“but you don’t look bright anymore” i insisted,

“i really don’t want to sound selfish, but how do you expect me to be happy after just hearing that you will be leaving tomorrow” she muttered and looked into my eyes. I swallowed hard and breathed deeply.

“unless you promise you will be here on friday” she added pleadingly,

“c’mon dear it very impossible, you didn’t even say saturday huh, moreover friday is a working day and i can’t start coming from owerri on saturday only to go back on sunday, its way too risky and dosen’t make sense, i promise to come whenever i have a little holiday” i begged.

“but you know everything has a solution?” she asked. I nodded and smiled, saying nothing.

“i know Arik leaves Owerri every 4-5pm daily, so how about i book a friday flight for you and on sunday you go back via that same way” she suggested. I instantly coloured up and shook my head, declining her offer.

“no no no this isn’t right, what if Adaora finds out, no” i reasoned.

“c’mon dear, why are you so frightened and coloured up” she asked searchingly. I quickly composed myself and forced out a smile.

“i can’t accept such offer, its way too expensive for someone insignificant like me, Tessy dear just have a rethink please, i beg of you” i pleaded, but she just smiled drew closer and kissed me tenderly. I instantly felt a great surge of passion hit my body like lightening,

‘Oh Tessy’s matured kiss is nothing but a super explosive missile kiss. It breaks your resistance and weakens your body’.

“oh please stop” i murmured as i struggled to free myself. She stared into my eyes with hands on my neck,

“my feelings for you are very real, i’ll do anything for you” she murmured like someone in a trance. Luckily her doorbell rang that moment, making her release her hands from my neck.

She quickly composed herself, sighed, stood up and opened the entrance door. A girl in her early twenties walked into the sitting room with her two kids. I quickly concluded she was the cousin i earlier heard about. I looked away polietly and focused my attention on the wine before me, which i calmly poured out for myself.

Surprisingly Tessy’s first son rushed up to me and fell on my body,

“good day uncle, i have been looking for you” he greeted innocently, while his mother and the other girl looked at us with great astonishment.

I instantly feared my relationship with Tessy might end up being a big family thing which could consume me if adequate care isn’t taken.

Deep down i prayed for her not to be overly ambitious and hopeful in our romance, So that things won’t end up very bad for us.

To be continued.

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