“baby you are so sweet” Tessy whispered sweetly after the sex. I kept quiet, ignored her and closed my eyes. I really wasn’t myself.

“c’mon cheer up” she caressed my chest and murmured. I sighed, stood up and walked into the toilet without saying anything to her. I calmly freshened up, before returning to her bed..

“i really do hate your cold behaviour, seriously i do” she complained sadly. I sat beside her, forced out a smile and held her right hand.

“i’m sorry” i apologized.

“i don’t think there is anyway your girlfriend will find out about us unless you left some loopholes which i know you didn’t, so calm your nerves and relax, nothing bad will happen. Moreover you heard Elinor say she was only testing you with her threats” she said with a calm smile, resting her head on my chest.

“yes i know but i don’t trust Elinor and i really can’t rule out any possibility for now” i replied.

“she can’t go that far, she dare not, moreover there isn’t anything she will gain out of it, so do relax my dear” she assured me. I shrugged and kept my feelings to myself, because there wasn’t any need arguing about her friend’s capabilities. I alone knew how serious and real Elinor’s threats were. I equally wasn’t expecting her to carry out the threats herself, I knew she would use someone unknown to carry them out.

“incase of an eventuality, do count on me for support. It pains me to say this, but if it really gets to the point where i will have to talk to your girl on your behalf, trust me i will do it without mixed feelings” i heard Tessy promise, totally surprising me. I gratefully stared at her and breathed deeply.

“i’m very much in love with you and i’m not selfish with it either. I will do anything to protect what we have” she added, while I smiled and pecked her.

“you really have a wonderful heart” i murmured gratefully.

I left Abuja later in the afternoon, after promising and swearing ‘that i will visit again’.

“my dear this won’t be our last weekend” i had assured her with a kiss before she allowed me leave.

I finally got to Owerri by 4:15pm that fateful sunday. Adaora’s phone call welcomed me as soon as i left Owerri airport.

“baby where are you?” she asked inquisitively after greeting me,

“owerri anything?” i answered casually,

“nope but are you sure you are in Owerri?” she asked,

“yes nau i just got there this afternoon to see a friend, is there any problem huh?” i asked with a calm tone,

“no nothing, i was only being curious, hope you have eaten?” she answered and changed the topic.

We chatted for a while before she hung up, but her weird question that fateful evening really got me worried.

“has Elinor gotten to her??” i wondered deeply.

To be continued

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