“who you dey find?” they barked,

“chief peter” i answered nervously,

“he no dey” they muttered, cautiously lowering their guns and expecting me to turn back and leave. But i didn’t believe them.

“he invited me nau” i insisted, while they scoffed.

“is like you are deaf” one of them shouted, but luckily chief peter’s daughter emerged from the house with two other policemen.

“ha longest time, good evening” she greeted as soon as she saw me. I smiled happily, heaving a sigh of relief with surprise. I never knew she could still recognize me, because we were still kids the last time we saw each other.

“he is a family friend” she said to the policemen, who simply shrugged and went their own way without another word.

“what’s happening? Don’t tell me these guys do guard your house 24/7?” i asked with a smile.

“no don’t mind them, they are simply over reacting, dad was almost kidnapped an hour ago, luckily he wasn’t in the car that was targeted” she replied while i gasped.

“so how did it happen?” i anxiously asked,

“he was unable to leave the house today because of some friends he was expecting, by 2pm he sent the driver to buy gas for our generator. Immediately the poor guy drove out of the compound, he was blocked and attacked, fortunately dad wasn’t in the car, so the hoodlums simply disappeared when they couldn’t find him” she explained calmly.

“so was the driver hurt?” i asked curiously,

“no nothing happened to him. He even left with dad and some policemen who came immediately after incident ‘to an unknown destination, i’m not sure they are returning tonight” she replied, while i shrugged and dialled the old man’s phone number, but it failed to connect.

“i have to start going then” i said with a smile. She instantly frowned and eyed me.

“why? You just got here nau, moreover we do have a lot to discuss please” she pleaded polietly.

“some other time dear” i replied with a smile, collected her phone number and left.

Fate once again prevented chief peter from unveiling his plans to me.
I silently drove back to my lodge under the evening traffic, with my thoughts which kept me company.


I was about facing my night meal of garri and okro soup when Jenny walked into my room with a bible and crucifix in her right hand.

“hmmm i see you are about enjoying the meal you new girlfriend prepared for you, anyway do eat fast because i came for a serious talk” she seriously murmured with a smile before sitting beside me. I calmly stared at her uneasily, wondering what the bible and crucifix was meant for.

Because the last time i checked myself, i wasn’t a vampire.

To be continued.
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