“so what’s the bible for?” i asked curiously,

“it’s for preaching the word of God to you coconut head, when last did you go to church?” she replied and asked with a smile.

“i see you are very jobless, or you probably drank palmwine this evening” i teased. Her smile instantly turned into a frown.

“if it’s a joke, please stop it” she murmured,

“yes nau, am i wrong? You probably took a whole lot of palmwine or upwine this evening? Hehehehehe or perhaps you are now so much obsessed with me, that you now use such idea as an excuse to talk to me” i joked and laughed heartily. She quickly stood up furiously with deeply coloured eyes.

“that’s it, you are now on your own. Don’t ever talk to me again, slim fool” she cursed and left my room angrily.
Jenny really was a girl of many characters, i never truly got to understand nor learn all she haboured in her mind. Sometimes she behaved like an angel, sometimes like a nurse and sometimes like a bitter old lady. I really would have loved having a little romance with her, but her behaviour truly discouraged and even sometimes scared me.

However Frank’s visit from Okitipupa town {Ondo state} the following day was a big time life-saver, bringing back my lost spirit and reviving my lost soul. He visited in his usual lively spirit accompanied with never ending tales of his exploits.

Oh how happy and relieved i was when he called me that fateful tuesday morning, asking for directions to my new lodge. He arrived at exactly 4:38pm dressed in his Nysc uniform, looking smart, happy and satisfied.

“since you refused to visit your brother, he is now here to stay with you” he joked as he settled down in my room.

“my bro. i’m so glad you came, seriously things arn’t going well for me in this village. Everyone hates my guts and i think i have messed up my relationship with Adaora” i poured out without wasting time. He simply busted into laughter.

“you always mess things up so i’m not surprised, abeg where do they sell ‘hot-dog’ in this village jor?” he asked, changing the topic.

“at the market, nawaoo for you” i murmured,

“wetin? Dog meat is now the reigning meat if you don’t know” he murmured with a smile. I shrugged silently,.

8:30pm, hot-dog cafe

“seriously my guy, none of your problems are unfixable, all you need to do is simply focus, act properly and stand like a man when confronting both Elinor and Adaora. You already did a good job with Tessy by opening up to her. I also think Adaora is scared of losing you, because she probably loves you more than you notice, which i think is the main reason your relationship with her is still going. Make good use of your instincts when you travel this weekend to meet her, though i would have preferred her visiting you” he advised {after listening to my story}, as he enjoyed his meat. I quietly thought over all he said, quickly drawing a new plan for myself.

“i like that woman’s daughter, i wish i can fu.ck her before i leave this weekend” i soon heard him whisper as he stared at the shop owner’s daughter. I silently smiled, shook my head and prayed for him not to put me into more trouble, because i knew the girl’s honeypot will soon be under heavy fire.

To be continued.

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