“I do envy you brother” frank whispered as he eyed sweet periwinkle, when we arrived at my lodge an hour and half later.

“see how you are talking as if i won’t work hard before being allowed to taste the periwinkle soup” i replied jokingly. He smiled and shook his head,

“don’t fall my hands abeg” he murmured, while i scoffed.

“Frank really loved to sound as if having sex with a girl is as easy as walking into a beer parlour. Perhaps to him it is, but to me i knew it requires a bit of hardwork and sometimes little promises which i do hate making. But i equally hate disappointing him, even though i wasn’t much of a fan to his one too many ideologies”.
However later in the day as we relaxed in my room, he got into an argument with Joy as they argued over a strange phone call She recieved, which soon upgraded into a fight. He landed a hot slap on her face which quickly got my attention while her friend stared at them in disbelief.
Another thing i hated about him was the way he dealt with his girls when provoked. He believed girls only respect guys who uses brute force or strong hands on them, and he was of the opinon that extreme force could be applied when necessary in order to subject an erring girl under control, else she might develop more wings.
He strongly condemned guys who opposed ‘hitting girls’ calling them weaklings and their mentality ‘un-african’, but no matter how i felt, i couldn’t help but notice that it worked very well for him. ‘Though his girls do complain of his high-handedness, none openly defiled him’.

“frank nawa for you” i cautioned as i threw myself between them. Joy calmly covered her coloured face with her palms, while Frank looked away uneasily.

“i swear, i really do hate beating her. But i already warned her countless times to stop answering that guy’s phone call” he murmured as he gave me Joy’s phone. I stared at the phone number for a while before breathing deeply,

“Joy what do you have to say?” i asked,

“the boy is nothing but a neighbour who helps us at the shop, i have explained to him several times that nothing is going on between us yet he won’t believe me, you can ask my friend” she sobbed,

“yea because that’s how it all starts” Frank yelled.
‘Sweet periwinkle’ instantly got up and left the room without a word.

“see how you are embarrassing me in front of my friend” Joy cried.

“don’t worry i’ll talk to your friend” i offered, stood up and went after the girl, while Frank nodded and smiled with understanding.
She was standing under a mango tree when i walked up to her with a sweet smile. She instantly turned and faced me when she noticed my presence. Our eyes met and locked as we silently weighed each other under the calm breeze that fell and tickled us.

To be continued

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