“how innocent kids are” i reasoned as i stared at the little cute boy on my laps, while his mother whispered something into the other girl’s ear who soon after, left the sitting room with the second child.

“kelvin go and play in your room” Tessy quietly ordered the little boy with me, who instantly obeyed his mother.

“i’m really sorry about the interruption” she apologized, stood up, smiled and walked towards the second sitting room,

“please come with me” she requested calmly, i stood up and followed her.

We were soon in the second room all alone, where She stared into my eyes and grinned like a half-wit,

“how could i fail to be enchanted by her insolent, bewitching behaviour” i wondered as i stared at her.

“why are you smiling that way?” i asked,

“because you make me happy” she replied and opened a second door well hidden behind a curtain. I never even knew the door existed.

A vast well designed compact bedroom instantly appeared in my presence. She walked into the room and sat on the bed smiling provocatively at me,

“dam.n you witch” i cursed and closed in on her.

Tenderly, i stared down at her, making her wish for so many things that were beyond her ken. She really looked so innocent that it hurt to look at her, and i had no illusions what-so-ever:

“If she’d been anyone else, i wouldn’t by staring into her eyes that way. No older woman could have enticed me so completely or so effortlessly”.

I wanted to make love to her, because i felt and understood her plight, because i wanted her to be content,

“don’t be afraid” she whispered,

“i’m not” i replied quietly.

Gentle yet urgent, i kissed her, while she instantly hugged me, tightly losing herself, as her passion inundated her.

She really was so much overcome by what she wanted me to do, that neither prudence nor discretion could dissuade her.

I intensified the kiss, my tongue engaging hers. Down below, my hands were at her bo.soms, kneading the soft m----s through her dress, pinching and trifling with her n.ipples. She spread her thighs, anchoring her feet behind my legs. Her skirt bunched around her crotch, creating a pillow against which i could push and flex.

Leisurely i unfastened her top, and as each enclosure was freed her anticipation mounted.

I gently drew down her bra, baring her bos.oms. Transfixed, i fervidly assessed them.

“did i ever tell you how much i adore your bo.soms?” i asked with a naughty smile. She blushed and looked away.

I tarried at her cleavage, kissing and making her wild by squ.eezing her nip.ples. Just when she was ready to explode, suck.ed at one of the aroused tips.

Showing her no mercy, i worked at the extended nub until it was raw and inflamed, then went to the other, dabbling until she was writhing and making pitiful begging noises.

She was fast burning up under my romance, yet very eager to float on the tide of her rising desire.

My nimble fingers resumed their task, propelling the rest of her apparel off her body. Through it all, i was kissing and caressing her, mumuring endearments that encouraged her in her licentiousness.

She really however was embarrassed when i took off all her clothes, and tried to hide herself by grabbing a blanket, but her desires and strength failed and couldn’t let her, forcing her to submit herself once again to my scrutiny.

I stopped momentarily, stared at my third right finger for a while before poking it into her wet honey pot.

“finish me baby” she cried out….

To be continued.

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