4pm, Jenny’s room

“why are you always very intense towards me lately?” i asked Jenny as i stared at her backside. She was all alone in her room, lying on her bed, facing the wall and backing me.

“because you don’t deserve my respect” she replied calmly. I breathed deeply, wondering what next to say to her.
I really needed her friendship because i stood to gain alot out of it, even though i hated the way she behaved sometimes.

She really found it very hard to tell me the exact words the school principal said about me the previous day, which exactly was the main reason i was in her room that fateful evening, but the cold treatment she was dishing out to me wasn’t in any way encouraging. I quietly laid beside her, drew close and held her from behind as if we were having a relationship.

“what are you doing?” she barked, sending an elbow into my ribs. I groaned and backed away from her.

“you are very annoying seriously” i murmured and sat up.

“what should i do before you realise that i value your friendship a great deal? Or are you still annoyed because i refused to read the bible with you eeh?” i asked unhappily. She turned and stared at me.

“i hate irresponsible guys, so please get out from my room and close the door you left open” she replied coldly.

“okay i will, but first tell me what the old man said abeg” i pleaded. She scoffed and smiled,

“c’mon what’s up with your voice do you want to cry?” she asked as she got out of her bed. With both hands on her waist, she stood and stared at me curiously. I roughly grabbed her with the intention of carrying her on my laps, but she collided on me, the force of collision sending us down on the bed.

“jeez you are so rough” she complained as she struggled to entangle herself from me.

“i’m very sorry dear. You know you are my eyes, ears and nose in that school, i can’t survive without you. Please help a brother” i begged.

“okay i don hear.” she murmured and broke free from me, straightened her dress and stared at me.

“i heard the principal likes money a lot. So i advise you compromise him by greasing his palms, perhaps he might end up stopping you from handling any subject. I think it’s the only option you have left, because he’s very pissed at you” she explained calmly, while i smiled and hugged her with bright eyes.

“what will i do without you. I havn’t even thought of that. Jenny believe me you are God sent” i murmured happily as i broke the hug.

“we can go clubbing at Owerri tonight, catch a little fun and drive round the town. I know you have been dying to see how the city looks at night” i offered happily. Her eyes shone brightly for a while before dying down slowly.

“no thanks don’t bother, you have visitors don’t you?” she declined and asked.

“yea” i answered with a shrug, before looking downwards.

“i really can’t define how i feel towards you. I know it isn’t love, nor is it lust, neither is it compassion, but i think it’s something way stronger than the three combined” i confessed, stood up and backed her.

“i like you equally, though i’m ashamed to admit it because you are a womanizer” she confessed, surprising me and stopping my heart from beating.
The earth spinned around us as if we were having the same dream.

Luckily or unluckily, her roomate came in that instant preventing what i really can’t describe from happening.

To be continued

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